Ask Yourselves: Is The Mac Really Better?

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Okay, I already know exactly who is going to email me about posting this story… An article in the LA Times asks Mac fans to take a serious look at the question of whether or not the Mac is better than a PC. The answer in the column (which I agree with) is that each have their own areas where they are slightly better, but overall, it’s a wash. Basically, he’s telling the Mac fans (you know who you are) to calm down already. The rest of us don’t care how much you love your Mac.

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Comments on “Ask Yourselves: Is The Mac Really Better?”

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mhh5 says:

who's not being tolerant??

This article reads like mac-people are always trying to “convert” PC people. I think just the opposite! PC people are always saying, “why do you still use a mac? Switch to a PC already.” And that just puts mac people on the defensive….

I think that all along, mac people have been saying “macs are better at this and that.” It’s just that PC people hear “macs are better at everything.” Obviously, that’s where the holy wars ensue…. People just aren’t listening….

One of the better analogies I’ve heard is that Macs are the Rolls Royce’s of computers. And just like a Rolls probably isn’t “better” in all respects than a volkswagen or something, neither is a mac better than a random PC box.

So mike’s “taunting” post to all of us mac users is hopefully the last time he’ll take a unwarranted swing at macs and the people who love them…. Just leave us alone, if you don’t like your computer the same way, that’s your problem. 🙂

Eric says:

Re: who's not being tolerant??

I disagree with your claim that pc people are mis-hearing the mac peoples’ claim that the mac is better at some things. I work part time at a software store and I had a guy come in the other day who was looking for mac games. We got into a conversation about macs and their merits, and i said that macs were better for some things. He then proceeded to lecture me for 5 minutes on how macs were better at everything.

mhh5 says:

Re: Re: who's not being tolerant??

OK. Sheesh. Let’s clarify a bit. There are “mac people” and there are mac *fanatics*… Just like there are linux fanatics, pc fanatics, religious fanatics, etc…

This is really a stupid debate. No system is clearly better than another here. Windoze isn’t sliced bread. MacOS isn’t either. If we’re going to have an OS war, let’s pick better OS’s altogether, ok? Even then it’ll be a stupid debate. It’s like arguing over whether a hammer is better than a screwdriver…. (I narrowly avoided the “apples and oranges” pun. phew!)

Can’t we all just get along?

mhh5 says:

Re: Re: Re:3 who's not being tolerant??

I think that’s part of the point of why people like macs… most people don’t need “proper training” to use a mac….

But mac’s also deal with graphics better… At least in photoshop comparisons where photoshop is optimised for using the G4 altivec engine….

I have a theory that graphic designers started using macs early on, formed an opinion that macs were better, and just stuck with the platform. I think nothing short of Apple’s demise will change that inertia… The corollary to my theory is that most other businesses started using ‘IBM’ PCs, formed an opinion that PCs were better, and just stuck with the platform. And nothing short of MS’s demise will change that inertia…

Mike (profile) says:

Re: who's not being tolerant??

Don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know any PC users who try to convert Mac users except in areas where it just gets annoying that others are using a Mac: “What, you can’t look at this document?” “We can’t collaborate on this program?! Get a real computer!”.

Besides, it’s not that we don’t like our computers in the same way… it’s just that we don’t have to go on and on and on about it like you guys do. You guys act like you’re being hounded out by PC folks and you have to protect your turf. Come on… Get a life. And a real computer.


Duffman (nee Ryan) says:

My reasons

Even though I have been an exclusive PC user ever since the Apple IIe (the last Apple I used an appreciable amount), I still defend Macs every time someone talks them down. As the article points out (and it’s my main argument), Macs tend to deal with graphics better. My girlfriend is a Mac lover – she is editor in chief of a small newspaper and they are Mac-only, and wouldn’t be any other way. My main reason for loving Macs, though, is Burning Monkey Solitare. I also side with Mike that the differences are almost superficial and that it’s dumb to fight over this when there are so many much better things to fight about. In conclusion, Macs are good because of Burning Monkey Solitare, and some other stuff.

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