VA Linux: Easy Come, Easy Go

from the sounds-good dept

A look at some folks in VA Linux and their response to having a huge fortune and losing it just as quickly. The article makes it out as if everyone there just doesn’t care. They’re on a mission, and the money doesn’t matter. It certainly sounds good. I wonder how many VA Linux employees actually believe it, though.

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Comments on “VA Linux: Easy Come, Easy Go”

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Ed says:

Counting chickens before hatched

Shortly after the LNUX IPO, somebody well-known in Linux circles (Eric S. Raymond, I think) went public with the fact that he was suddenly worth about 36 million dollars. By the way, that pronouncement seemed to rub a lot of people the wrong way.

I think that he was subject to some lockup restrictions and/or vesting requirements that meant he couldn’t cash in for a couple of years, and now that his huge paper fortune has dwindled to something less than one million, I can’t find that original message anywhere.

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