Eye Like Security

from the scary-bodily-security-breaches dept

I have to admit that I’m tired of remembering different passwords for different programs or PC’s. The Authenticam offers an appealing solution. It finally delivers consumer retinal recognition (how long have we been waiting for this type of system!). Hopefully, they’ll succeed and I won’t have to carry around digital keys, cards or remember login passwords again (I can dream can?t I?).

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Comments on “Eye Like Security”

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Ryan says:

I want one. Now.

I really really do. While the iris scanner might take longer to be accepted (a lot of people feel creeped out having their eye scanned), I think devices such as the keyboard with the fingerprint scanner may start coming in demand for extremely paranoid and security-conscious individuals and organizations. I like the iris scanner better, though.

u2604ab says:

No Subject Given

1. It’s weird that Mike is more enthused/less skeptical off the cuff about this technology than Ryan is.

2. My password problems are due to a myriad of internet & computer sites and services. Not using unique passwords for the administrative stuff at school, the workstations in lab, and my primary e-mail addy would be a little daft. Then there are the zillion web services– paypal, napster, DSL/earthlink, etc for which I’d have a hard time remembering even my login name if I hadn’t started reverting to the very first login name ever assigned to me (u2604ab) for everything.

I don’t see how retinal scans are going to help me remember my password for the online banking site I use once a month. As far as just ‘bio-identification’ goes, I’d argue that Apple’s voice recognition system (remember the “my voice is my password” PR from Apple about a year ago?) works pretty well.

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