Barbie Strikes Out

from the who-the-hell-wants-a-barbie-computer-anyway dept

For some unknown reason a computer company in Canada thought it would be a slick idea to create a Barbie branded computer system. Well, they just filed for bankruptcy so now they know better…

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Comments on “Barbie Strikes Out”

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Mike (profile) says:

screwing people over for the holidays

I thought it was interesting that they basically screwed over a number of people who bought computers from them. I’m a little curious about how this happened, since I was under the impression that they can’t charge credit cards until the product is shipped… Also, isn’t there some law about holding customer money in escrow if it looks like you might go out of business?

Dan Miller (profile) says:

Re: screwing people over for the holidays

The law is actually very clear on credit card charges. There is a common misconception out there that a reseller can not legally charge a card until the product is shipped. The law, however, states that the reseller can charge the card immediately and only has to refund the charge if they are unable to ship the product within 30 days of the order. So, technically, the reseller can have the money for 30 days before giving it back.

It is illegal, however, to knowingly take money when you know your company is insolvent or on the verge of declaring bankruptcy.

loupy says:

Re: Screwing people over, period.

This company went under because they had a habit of bending EVERYONE over. They sent out unsolicited junk mail as often as AOL Canada, claiming great deals on computers, without mentioning the brands of the garbage components inside. I have seen enough Patriot machines to know the case is actually a shell of hardened white dog poo, concealing some browner dog poo inside.

tt says:

Re: Barbie Computer

Well,as I understand it,anyone can be a barbie fan. He is very right about them screwing ppl over,it has nothing to do with whether he is a man or not or whether your 4yr old knows more about computers than most adults (which is just a load of crap anyway). It’s about a company,who went under and took some consumers under with them.

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