My Fake Internet Job

from the mmmm...-free-food dept

A reporter from the New Yorker apparently walked into the offices of Luminant and pretended to be an employee for two whole weeks. He found a desk, got a phone extension, held fake meetings, and enjoyed the free food and corporate massages. Then he wrote it up in the New Yorker (tragically, the New Yorker is not online). Now Luminant is freaking out, and deciding whether or not to sue the guy.

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Comments on “My Fake Internet Job”

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Ryan says:

It happens

The scary thing is, it may happen more than you’re aware. At my last job, some guy was coming in to the building, taking the elevator up, and going through peoples’ desks and purses while they were away from their desk. Granted, the lower two floors were suppposed to be public-accessible, but it took three incidents for the company to actually institute some basic security ie not just anyone can just walk into the elevators. The important lesson is to simply stay alert!

SpaZ (user link) says:

Sorry, I too have done similar stuff, I don’t really have the time to leave my job and do this…I have done other stuff…some examples…different city. Hotel hopping, getting rooftop access in a hotel, kinda difficult, another fun thing is wearing a company shirt and claiming access, did that w/ my phone company shirt….other, had buddy dress as security guy and chase me around downtown…that fun, as for walking in to a company and ‘stealing’ …nah, but I do want to pull it…you can do anything w/o question if you are dressed in a suit…..whatever.

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