Hitler on Yahoo

from the it's-the-internet----it's-gonna-happen dept

Rumors swirled that copies of Mein Kampf were being sold on Yahoo’s German auction site. Since Germany has very strict laws against this type of thing, the Munich state prosecutor is investigating. I’m Jewish. I find this type of material to be revolting. But guess what? That’s life. We learn from our past and that’s what helps us avoid repeating it. I’m not saying this stuff should be in circulation, but whether it’s on the Internet or some other means it will be out there.

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Comments on “Hitler on Yahoo”

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Dan Miller (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Of course it doesn’t give me the right anymore than anyone else. Did I say it did? All I indicated was that as a Jew, the material offends me, but the material is a fact of life. Why the hell should Yahoo be prosecuted for something some jerk-off is trying to sell? They shouldn’t, in my opinion. Nor should the German courts convicted the CEO of CompuServe (Germany). They are targeting the wrong people, plain and simple.

mhh5 says:

Re: Re: censorship is censorship....

Who gets to decide what ideas can’t be shared? I’m not Jewish. I’m not a nazi. I’m just for freedom of ideas. I think it’s dangerous to “outlaw” the transmission of *any* ideas. Even the “bad” ones. You just have to have faith in people to be able to judge right from wrong. And I’ll admit I don’t even have that much faith in the general public’s ability to judge good viewing material from bad (eg. “The Klumps” movies), but I still feel that censorship is wrong….

And why should Yahoo be the censorship-police for France or any other country? Let countries censor their own damn ideas.

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