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Comdex Is Boring

from the the-death-of-the-post-pc-era dept

The John C. Dvorak roundup of Comdex points out that Comdex was fairly boring this year. He also points out that the “post-PC era” that everyone seems to be talking about was certainly not obvious at Comdex. So, don’t expect any more flashy products. Technology is boring again.

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Comments on “Comdex Is Boring”

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1 Comment
mhh5 says:

now what are we going to do?

With such a balanced, critical assessment of the current state of tech, will there ever be a “next big thing”? Now that ‘the internet’ has cried wolf about 100 times, what will we believe? Will we finally start actually *trying* to make people’s lives better, easier, etc. — instead of promising to do so, and really intending to just make as much profit as possible?

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