You Win some, You Lose Some

from the changes-of-fortune dept

Do you remember when Yahoo dropped Inktomi for Google? Ironically, the markets punished them badly even though the company was then deriving most of its revenue from other sources. It now seems that Inktomi’s back in the game supplying Hotbot Europe with a new and improved search engine. The big question is whether or not this new search engine will be anywhere near as hot as Google.

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Comments on “You Win some, You Lose Some”

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Mike (profile) says:

Um, who cares?

Okay, Ryan, sorry to come down on hard on you for the post, but… (1) Why was it ironic that the market came down hard on Inktomi for losing their most recognizable account? (2) Why is this news? (3) How can you compare Hotbot Europe to Yahoo to say that Inktomi is back on track?

Admittedly, Inktomi has many other businesses they are in besides search engines. However, supplying Hotbot Europe with their search technology hardly seems like a major coup.

Ryan says:

Re: Um, who cares?

Ouch, Mike you’ve mortally wounded me (okay probably not)!

It was ironic because it wasn’t that big of a deal, it’ll probably be an increasing trend. Portals will keep swapping for the cheapest search engine providers and of course like I said before the majority of Inktomi’s business revenue came from other sources not Yahoo.

And to answer both 2 and 3, your doing a typical american thing drastically underestimating the value of the European market (it isn’t the US but it isn’t a small market either) and Hotbot Europe is a search engine/portal, they are back in the game even if they aren’t in the top division again.

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