Backflip Morphing Into Intanda?

from the oops dept

Salon’s new weblog is annoying in that I can’t link to specific stories, so, in a few days this will be completely gone. However, the story is about Backflip. When they launched a year ago, I trashed the idea as a boring little feature, and not a business at all. Soon after that, I received a nasty email from some people telling me I didn’t understand the concept at all. Now, according to Salon (who shares the same building with Backflip), the folks inside Backflip have started ignoring Backflip altogether, while they work on a completely different company called Intanda, based out of the same offices.

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Comments on “Backflip Morphing Into Intanda?”

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Ryan says:


I checked out and to be honest it didn’t look particularly innovative, I hope I’ve miss-understood they’re business concept otherwise they’re going to be in for a rougher ride.

Another thing that I’m wondering about is if they’ve done any research into this area in the wireless market, here in London we get to see a pretty large number of wireless start-ups (it also helps that I work for a Scandinavian company) and I’ve heard of a bunch of similar sounding companies. They’re basically wireless spamming services in Scandinvia, is that what intanda want to do?

Ed says:


Disclaimer: The tone of this comment might be affected by my reaction to the somewhat fawning tone of the original article waaay back in the pre-NASDAQ-crash spring, which talked about Backflip being a “second-generation startup” with “twentysomething netscape veterans” operating in “stealth mode” and all that crap…

Isn’t one of the differences between a hobby and a job that you’re supposed to follow through with a job once you start it? What kind of work ethic does one have whenever they just jump to the next big idea when all of the fun and instant riches subsides? This ought to be a lesson to anyone funding a company with young and unproven management.

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