Having Midlife Crises Earlier

from the isn't-that-quarter-life-crisis? dept

The internet world is causing young folks to have their midlife crisis a few years too early. People in their 20s are suddenly trying to figure out “what it all means” and if they should be working crazy jobs for no clear reason. Now, what I’m wondering is what happens when these folks have their real midlife crisis? Are things going to be even more crazy? Personally, I’m all for having a midlife crisis as early as possible if it gets it out of your system.

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Comments on “Having Midlife Crises Earlier”

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Ryan says:

No Subject Given

“I never had to wait for someone to quit the firm so I could get a promotion”

Well, there’s your problem. I sound like an old-schooler, while I’m younger than these people (jeez, am I looking at a mid-life crisis in five years?), but I can see the problem already – it’s today’s “I want it now, I obviously deserve it” attitude. No one seems to have any patience any more, and when things don’t go the right way, panic erupts.

“You have folks in their 20s who have never ridden out bad times”

This comment hit the nail on the head. You have to go for the whole ride to realize that there are ups and downs, and that neither will last forever. You just have to learn how to deal with them until they’re over (whether it’s an up or a down), and most of the young executives haven’t learned that lesson yet.

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