Just When You Thought Search Engines Were Dead

from the Lost-and-Lost dept

Here’s an interesting article on InfraSearch, a P2P search engine. In my opinion, most search engines are pretty bad about finding current info. Google, in my mind, is “just OK” even though I haven’t found a better search engine. And while I see the absolute need for better search engines, I don’t think anyone has found a really good business model for them. Bottomline: InfraSearch still needs to find a path to profits. Too bad they can’t do a web search for one….

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Comments on “Just When You Thought Search Engines Were Dead”

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mhh5 says:

Re: Why is google.com only fair?

Like all other search engines it’s still about 2 months behind what’s current. It has broken links. It doesn’t “know” what I’m looking for, so it can give some pretty bizarre hits despite my keywords…. Why do you think it’s so great? Just b/c it’s the “best” we’ve got so far?

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