Dot Com Failures Greatly Exaggerated

from the still-going-strong dept

The Industry Standard is running an article talking about why there are still plenty of dot coms out there and there will be in the future as well. I agree with the basic premise of the article, though I think they chose some fairly weak examples. I also warn you (and have complained to that the article is split into 5 seperate pages for no clear reason other than to increase their own page views. Unfortunately, there’s no option even for a “printable” version (which I normally try to link to). As for the overall content of the article, it makes some good points which I think are useful for people who keep claiming that dot coms are dead dead dead. It’s been amusing to watch people who were simply looking to get rich quick go running away, while the serious entrepreneurs seem to have the opinion of “thank goodness we can finally get down to some real business”.

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