Dot Com Backlash Backlash

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We’ve talked about the dot com backlash in Silicon Valley when it comes to renting dot coms office space. Now, here’s a rant of some dot com backlash backlash explaining why the original backlash is a bad thing, and blaming local governments for supporting it.

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Comments on “Dot Com Backlash Backlash”

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1 Comment
Clouser says:

dot com backlash

Real estate lags by 12 months. Look for stabilization of rents w/in the year, especially with companies dropping like flies.

Dot Com backlash has absolutely nothing to do with anything, except for the fact that, however unfortunately, the 60’s and 70’s are dead. The press has heightened an misperceived “Art vs. Technology” confilct. Art thrives when society is changing or in pain, or when there is a burst of creativity. The artists of today have failed to tap into the emotion of the moment, to express the unexpressable. Only when they succeed, through understanding and creativity, will this marketplace be able to pay market rent. For better or for worse, the good creative talent has been sucked into the commercial segment. A recession would assist in correcting the high market rents of the area; however, without the return of a nobler cause, or a new burst of creativity, art will remain a side activity, unable to truly rally the emotions of the populace, reduced to distribution via napster.

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