Time Is Right For Women In IT

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Every few months an article pops up somewhere talking about how so few women are working in the tech industry. This one goes into a little bit more detail, and quotes a few different studies, and actually talks to some women to get their impression. The article, suggests, however, that it may be becoming less of a problem. The article also talks more about executive positions rather than just the engineers (which is what most article focus on).

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Comments on “Time Is Right For Women In IT”

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Spaz (user link) says:


Women in the workforce………

we have NO women in our entire office…..I have seen a total of like 8 out of 400+ consultants….there is the old thought that a woman and machines dont mix…..i dont see that as a problem….i like talking tech w/ chicks and love it when they understand…..

techs, for the mostpart, are very ….brash. very crude and very abusive….much like s.t. construction workers….. i am not that way, i dont swing my head at every female like my coworkers do….i am single…they are not….makes it wrong? [i think so] whatever, like chick mechanics…..they odd, but if they can do the job….i all for it.

m0nk says:

No Subject Given

“Women have the nurturing quality that helps people feel valued,” she said.

How about that for a sweeping generalisation. As a woman techie, I’m constantly told that I’ve got valuable *soft* skills, even though I haven’t. Not every woman is a nurturer, not every man can hold a spanner. If everyone, including women, stopped trying to pigeon-hole the genders we might get somewhere!
In the UK the very worst insult you can level at a white heterosexual male is to accuse him of being *soft*.
Being a *soft-skilled* female in the tech world gets you treated like the receptionist. The supposition that female=soft means that the male techies can enjoy that *IT culture* thing – swearing, laddishness, porn, but woe betide any girlietech who utters an expletive for she will be labelled a haridan and cast out for not being feminine enough.
Companies in The City Of London seem to have found the answer to the shortage of female execs -by sponsoring women’s golf tuition!
Don’t talk to corporate women, if they made it anywhere near the top then they’ve been institutionalised and have lost touch with the female grass roots.
I’d rather read a story where a bunch of 18-to-25 year old women describe their treatment at the hands of large corporations. I’ve witnessed many women in this age range being completely ignored by their *sisters* at the top of the ladder.

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