Is It Me Or Should Netscape Be Put Out To Pasture?

from the past-its-prime dept

Jay McKee writes “Is it me or does anyone care anymore about Netscape? In this article , Netscape says it will be redesigning their website and will be releasing a preview version of its new browser. I develop web applications for an internet company and most of our headaches have been due to incompatabilities with Netscape. I tried to stay loyal for many years until I finally gave up after I realized that IE was simply a better product (as much as I hate to admit that). Do others feel the same way?” I recently made the same switch to IE. I do believe that Netscape has been plagued by a lot of poor decision making in coming out with their next generation of products. I’m not necessarily ready to give up on them completely just yet, but I think they’re quickly running out of time. I think that a large number of users just don’t care about Netscape any more. This is no longer a religious war, but one about good products, and Netscape may have missed the boat.

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Comments on “Is It Me Or Should Netscape Be Put Out To Pasture?”

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Robin Lionheart (user link) says:

Who cares? Web developers.

Does anyone care anymore about Netscape? Well, yeah. Web developers do.

Netscape 6.0 will raise the bar for standards support, which is great news for those of us who have been aching to use style sheets but are held back by the mass of bugs and quirks that is Netscape 4.x.

How I would love to see Netscape 4.x dead and buried! But it is almost always a mistake not to account for it. Netscape 4.x is firmly entrenched in libraries and universities which do not provide Internet Explorer (and rightly so, because it is a security disaster).

You’re not alone in giving up on Netscape, though. Even the Web Standards Project is losing patience.

Personally, I think it’s too early to count Netscape out. Forget that it’s shaping up to be a superior product. Think of what happens when AOL bundles it on the CDs it carpets North America with.

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