Cramer Goes Really Negative On Dot Coms

from the going-nowhere dept

Jim Cramer over at has finally gone totally negative on dot com stocks. He says that before we had once-in-a-lifetime up move that is being replaced by a once-in-a-lifetime down move. He doesn’t seem to think there is any end to the decline. I wonder what this means for his own dot com. Anyway, I have to say I think he’s over exaggerating the problems. To lump all “dot coms” into one basket is unfair and stupid. The fact is there are plenty of companies out there with no real business model, and people are suddenly realizing that. The few that are really adding value, have a strong management team, and have a real solid business plan, will survive and will make lots of money. So, what ends the decline? Nothing ends the decline for bad companies. Go find some good ones, and stop complaining.

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