Shanghai Shutting Down Cybercafes

from the as-if-it-will-do-anything dept

Apparently the government in Shanghai is shutting down over half of the city’s internet cafes because they are “corrupting users”. Specifically, they are upset that these cafes allow kids to play games like Quake and Diablo. Yeah, well, I’m sure that Shanghai has just saved thousands of kids from a terrible life of crime. Now that they won’t have access to Quake and Diablo, they’ll be model citizens…

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Comments on “Shanghai Shutting Down Cybercafes”

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potatono (user link) says:

this has been going on for some time

Oops, guess i should’ve paid more attention to preview. 🙂

One noteworthy quote from this article:

But Frank Lu, director of the Hong Kong-based Information Centre
for Human Rights and Democracy, said government attempts to
control access to the internet would fail because cyberspace was too

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