Computers and Architecture

from the the-40-pound-pencil dept

An interesting look at how the computer is changing the architecture field. It seems to allow architects to be a lot more creative. What’s amusing though, is how different programs tend to influence the design. One person in the article is quoted talking about how they can look at a building and often know which software package was used to create it. That’s a little scary.

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Comments on “Computers and Architecture”

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1 Comment
J Hare says:

It's no surprise

The same thing has been happening in digital graphics and 3D art for years.
The tools you use inevitably have a effect on the end product. A picture done in pencil will look different than the same picture done with an airbrush. There’s no way around that.
While the computer has the potential to be a universal design canvas, the software packages on the market today don’t offer the possibility.
You can look at a digital image and often tell that it was created using Photoshop. This has led to another invented adjective being introduced into my vocabulary:

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