Ultimate TV?

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Glenn writes “Yesterday’s NY Times had a good piece on the business model of TiVo and ReplayTV. These two are of course nothing new, but the article does a good job of summarizing what these companies are trying to accomplish with their business model, how it might (will?) affect consumers, and the networks take on a device that a) allows consumers to bypass commercials and b) makes “prime time” obsolete. It’s actually a little scary to me. When you buy the device, you’re also signing on to a monthly service ($9.95/month) and these guys track everything you watch, and when you watch it. It’s a little too big brotherish for me. Then today’s NY Times had an article talking about Video on Demand to your DSL’d computer. I personally think that these two concepts need to be (and ultimately will be) combined to allow a subscription based cable service: where I only get the chanels I want on my TV, and the shows I want, when I want them.”

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