Metabrowsing Made Trespassing!

from the old-news-repackaged? dept

sung writes “What’s happening here is eBay sued some site for crawling eBay’s site, and getting auction information, and they won. This is isn’t good.” Actually, this is an old story, and I’ve talked about why it’s not good here before. I’m not sure why this author suddenly brought the issue back up again two months after the decision. There’s also a factual error in the article when it talks about the mySimon lawsuit. From what I remember, that was not a case of scraping content, but rather of Priceman actually copying mySimon’s entire site, and claiming it was their own. That’s quite different than “metabrowsing”. Full disclosure: Some of the people involved in Techdirt work at mySimon, but my info is from news reports on the case from last year.

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