Excite@Home Pissed Off About PacBell Ads

from the get-over-it dept

Excite@Home is apparently threatening to sue PacBell for a series of ads that tries to depict the slowing down of high speed access caused by shared cable modem lines. I’ve seen the commercials, and they’re pretty damn funny. Excite@Home is overreacting. I don’t think anyone in their right mind thinks that neighborhoods are turned into crime zones due to “web hogs” slowing down cable access. If anything, Excite@Home can take an easy stab at PacBell’s notorious service problems and then they’ll all be even.

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Comments on “Excite@Home Pissed Off About PacBell Ads”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

DSL is good....cable? ehhh.

I have ONLY DSL, not by choice. I live downtown, cable is not provided. As long as an AD is true, is there a problem? I mean, if I say competiter BrandX [Batman(c)] is bad, then….that is opinion, but if I say it it built by 7 year olds in Cuba….and that is not true, THAT is sueable. If I say performance degrades over time [true] and with more customers [true] then, what is the problem? http://www.collectivethoughts.org

ROcK_LoBSTeR (user link) says:

@home and bandwidth degradation

I am currently shopping around for some bigger pipe and asked a @home sales rep if speeds will degrade as more people share the same node. He said that “there was a slight possibility but @Home is commited to making sure that does not happen”. Hmmm. Well, anyway…. Guess I’m lucky because both cable & DSL are becoming readily available where I live at. (philly & NJ)Now I just have to weigh the options. Bye the way, I like this messageboard. Anyone no where I can get a GOOD, free CGI script for a message board that isn’t to complicated to install? I tried to install the Ultimate Bulletin Board, that was a disaster, since i don’t know CGI to well. Thanks

Other Ryan says:

Re: bulletin board cgi

Where I have my homepage (crosswinds.net) I’m pretty sure they have it set up so you basically say “add a chat board” and there it is. You might want to search for different hosting services. Otherwise, I think even if you find a lightweight script you’re going to have to learn cgi to get it to work.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: bulletin board cgi

Yeah, if you’re hosting a domain, many hosts provide pre-installed message boards. In fact, Techdirt’s host (Actionweb.com) provides one as well (which we don’t use since we set up our own code). And, actually, if you are looking for a host, I have to recommend Actionweb highly. I’ve used about 10 different hosting companies for other projects over the past 2 years, and almost every one of them has caused more problems than their worth, with the one shining exception being Actionweb, which I’ve used the longest and had the fewest (um… actually no real problems) problems with.

Another option is to use remotely hosted CGI scripts. I haven’t tried any, but you can get a good list at: http://cgi.resourceindex.com/Programs_and_Scripts/Remotely_Hosted/Bulletin_Board_Message_Systems/.

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