E-centives spam

from the How-the-Internet-could-be-ruined dept

I don’t have a news article to point too, but tough, I’m writing this anyway. In the past three weeks I’ve started receiving “coupons” from Excite’s E-centives program in the mail just about every day. I never subscribed to this and they are sending it to an address that I haven’t used in months and forwards to my current address. When I follow the unsubscribe link it tells me that my email address isn’t in their database. When I send email to the customer service address in their privacy policy it bounces as invalid. This is the type of crap that will ruin any good that comes of the Internet. It’s an absolute waste of my time that I now have to track down how to unsubscribe to some piece of shit mailing that I never asked for from a supposed “legit” company.

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