CDnow Feels Misunderstood

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Will someone please tell Jason Olim to give it a rest? As much as I like CDnow, they are a doomed business. Olim keeps citing CDnow’s traffic as evidence that his business is not dead, but isn’t all of the marketing that created that traffic often cited as Cdnow?s biggest failure because it did not translate into enough sales? At least Olim owns up to the marketing mistakes in the article above. That said, he still wants to keep “leading the revolution”. Why is it that when companies start to tank they always reference some irrational, phony revolution?

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Comments on “CDnow Feels Misunderstood”

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1 Comment
Dan Miller (profile) says:

No Subject Given

It’s definitely unfortunate, but the position they are in now is of their own doing. I used to use CDNow. Their problems were slow delivery, poor order tracking and only average pricing and high shipping costs. They never addressed most of these issues and instead became distracted with other failed revenue streams. On top of that the bastards send me email every damn week even though I have repeatedly told them to take me off the list. Maybe when they go out of business the emails will finally stop.

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