to go public

from the Soon-divisions-of-divisions-will-be-going-public dept is talking to investment bankers about its interest in going public. At some point, don’t we have to say a division of two other companies can’t really go public? I mean, I’m all for those guys getting rich and all, but where is the line drawn on who can take themselves public and who can’t?

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Comments on “ to go public”

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1 Comment
Mr.White (user link) says:

MSNBC is...a good thing, the IPO? Dunno

My thoughts:
MSNBC is my number one news source. Both in Tech and speed of articles posted. The BEST thing it has going for it ….is the streaming real time LIVE MSNBC cable news. I put this on a box at work and full screen it …..making it look like I am watching TV…users freak. The thought of MSNBC.(com) going IPO is odd. Is not MSNBC [cable] and the .COM the samething/company?!!
Think of Yahoo, is their magazine also another company or just a brach?

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