Intel gives us a glimpse into the future

from the nets-and-chips-please dept

Recently, Intel hosted a free event to show off pioneering research from both public and private tech ventures. The reporter that covered this event, tells us about the latest research in VR, high tech footwear and speech recognition software.

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Comments on “Intel gives us a glimpse into the future”

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Mr.White (user link) says:

Very Cool.........

I am scared…..of the whole computer world putting chips into everything, not going into ultra-paronid….but, this chip can find out where/how/when you walk/run/jump. Very cool stuff. I think we should also move into putting these into clothing…[back2futureII]. Think of taking ALL that data [real time] and making 3D art/FX and think of new games of complete of players, on *exactly* how they move. I think it is very cool, I can see good[andbad] coming from this.
Mr.White……..whacked again.

Ryan says:

Re: Very Cool.........

Of course, imagine having your clothes directly linking to your VR gaming system through a wireless ethernet connection, easily and simply to let you hook up for the latest VR multiplayer games over the net. Then imagine what it could do to the internet, CAD, Medicine and etc. Vast possibilities. I have to admit that I’m not particularly worried about big brother just yet, as long as precautions are taken against those that would use your data in a hurtful manner.

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