Apple Made the Worst Management Mistake Ever

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Well, how about this one (how soon until the Mac fanatics start yelling just because of the title of this article)? According to some new book, called The 75 Greatest Management Decisions Ever Made: …and 21 of the Worst, the very worst management mistake ever was Apple’s decision to stop licensing its OS in 1997. Now, I’m not a huge Mac fan, but there are plenty of reasons why that probably was not the worst management decision ever. Read the Register article to catch just a few points they attack the author on. And, before you start yelling, I know that Apple has done much better since that apparently awful decision.

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Comments on “Apple Made the Worst Management Mistake Ever”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Bleeding from open wounds

Apple at the time was bleeding badly…because they had not PRICED the OS at a price where Apple could make money.

The long-term bad decision was when Steve Jobs, driven by his ego, killed the Newton. The embedded OS for consumers is where future sales will be, and Jobs has made sure that Apple will be playing catch-up.

The bigger problem for Apple is the same as for Micro$oft….if you are a ‘partner’ wwith M$ or Apple…expect to get burned. More so with Apple than M$.

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