How to Spot the Web Addict

from the hey,-that's-kinda-like-half-the-people-I-know dept

Interesting little description of the typical traits of a web addict. I don’t seem to qualify. I score maybe 50%. And, if people are more addicted to the web than I am, I’d say that’s pretty damn scary.

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Comments on “How to Spot the Web Addict”

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HSinclair says:

I wouldn't call it a web addict.

All the rage today seems to be finding new things for people to be “addicted” to, with “addicted to the internet” being the most popular one of all. However, this article wasn’t about being addicted to the /web/, it was about being addicted to /information/ and /mental stimulation/. I admit I’m something of an information addict, you can bet if I had a TV in my room I’d be watching the news while reading a book and doing god knows what on the computer (three irc networks, one chat bbs, two message bbs’s, at least two browser windows open reading something (god, I love virtual desktops).. but I don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s definitley much more efficient than just sitting around devoting your entire attention to some lame sitcom on the television set (commercials and all), it actually has the benefit that I’m one of the more informed people I know on current topics in computers/news.

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