Amazon Lets Others Sell from its Site

from the Amazon-Stores? dept

Looks like Amazon is looking to compete with Yahoo Stores. They have decided to set up shop so that anyone (for a small fee) can build a store on Amazon’s website. It’s a good idea, but I imagine, like Yahoo Stores, there will be a ton of crap, and only a very few really worthwhile stores that set up shop.

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Comments on “Amazon Lets Others Sell from its Site”

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1 Comment
Jon Acheson says:

Look at it from the viewpoint of the seller.

I agree, this probably won’t create some kind of uber-shopping-mall nirvana site for consumers, but that’s only part of the picture.

Say you were a small business and you want to sell your product on the web without hiring an entire team of tech support staffers. You sign up for one of these stores and link to it from your webpage. You get more sales, Yahoo/Amazon get their cut, and the customer gets your fine product.

The great thing is, with both Yahoo and Amazon in the field, you get competition and prices stay reasonable.


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