Corporate vigilantes

from the seems-a-little-overdone dept

Ryan Bethencourt writes “This is a neat little article about how business are taking on hackers with their own vigilantes. Its a pretty darwinian concept, the hunters become the hunted!” I saw this article yesterday, but didn’t post it. I’m not sure how much of the article I really believe. It seems like there may be a bit of posturing going on here.

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Comments on “Corporate vigilantes”

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1 Comment
Lark says:

This is bullsh**

God, the media will publish anything if it is sensational enough. I like the quote on’s response “Companies that can’t implement basic network security are suddenly installing ‘strikeback’ software?”

Rumors like this have been around for a long time, and they have never been substantiated. The media likes this subject because it is interesting, so they print it, despite the fact that there is absolutely no proof of it. They don’t even give the real name of the guy running the supposed vigilante security company, or the name of his company.

What do people do to find him? Is it like hiring a Mafia hit man or something? Do you look for little ads in the back of Network Computing magazine? “The Equalizer: Are you having problems with hackers? Call 555-1212”. Give me a break.

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