New Portable MP3-CD Player

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I’ve been waiting for something like this: a portable CD player that will play MP3s off of CDs. Since you can store a ton of MP3 songs onto a single CD this is great. It’s much better than a Rio type device which can only hold a small amount of music. The problem with this, though, is that you really need a CD-writer as well in order to create the CDs. Plus, obviously, it’s much bigger than the Rio. But, the concept is getting better. Having some form of removable storage definitely is better than having to hook the thing up to your computer.

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Comments on “New Portable MP3-CD Player”

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Vern says:

portable cd/mp3 players

There are so many CD writers around that having a cd player that plays CD’s with mp3’s burned on them is a logical progression of the industry. I hope these new players will support CDRW media as well so that when the ten hours of music on a CD becomes stale that erasing and rewriting to the same CD will be as natural as on a cassette tape.

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