Yet Another Online Drugstore

from the not-nearly-crowded-enough dept

I’d thought by this point, most companies would realize it wasn’t worth it to try to put together yet another online drugstore, but apparently, that’s not the case. Another one is about to be launched, and their business model is to have the lowest prices. This is not the type of strategy that usually works. Just ask Oh well. Should be interesting to watch.

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Comments on “Yet Another Online Drugstore”

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1 Comment
Jon Acheson says:

Online Drug Stores

Maybe one of the reasons why there are so many drugstores out there trying to go online is that a lot of the distributors have already been 90% there for some time.

What I mean is that they have been running highly automated production line style warehouses for mail order prescription filling & etc. for a decade or more. So, the infrastructure to support web-based sales is already there. All they have to do is stick a web interface on the front end of their existing ordering system and bingo, a new source of potential customers.


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