Microsoft and Intel in Video Game Console Project

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I’m not sure I completely understand this one. Apparently, Microsoft and Intel are working together to get into the stand alone video game console market. I hope this means they want to provide systems to the current players out there, and not create their own, new system. But, then again, you never know. Maybe this is why Microsoft brought on Rick Belluzzo.

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Comments on “Microsoft and Intel in Video Game Console Project”

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Anonymous Coward says:

But can they cut it?

Microsoft could loose on 2 fronts here.

1) If they get into the hardware end. That will make MANY PC makers upset…..for it is a ‘small’ step to making PCs.

2) The console gaming market is cutthroat. And Micro$oft won’t have a dominate position built on the backs of its past actions.

And, do the game writers really WANT to get into bed with Micro$oft? I’m betting Micro$oft will be a choice ot last resort.

*IF* Micro$oft does this *AND* beats the 3 other players…….May the I/O Gods have mercy on us all.

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