Real Networks Buys Xing

from the branching-out dept

Real Networks today announced that they’ve bought Xing who makes MP3 encoding software. Xing’s software is extremely popular, and this was a surprise to me. I think this move has more bite to it and the announcement yesterday with IBM. That was PR value, this shows they’re doing something. Now let’s see what they do with Xing.

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Comments on “Real Networks Buys Xing”

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Jon Acheson (user link) says:

Step 1: Stomp out MP3

Considering Real’s antipathy towards any format that stays resident on your hard drive, I’d say this is probably aimed more at taking Xing’s tools out of circulation (to be replaced by new, “improved” proprietary tools) than at building up RealNetworks. Though I’m sure Xing’s people will be welcome at Real, especially during round 2 of their fight with Microsoft.

Glen Fisher says:

Re: Step 1: Stomp out MP3

Actually, Real partnered with Audible, a NJ company which produces small portable storage devices for storing streamed audio.

I agree that currently, Real’s main focus is on “non-storable” media, but I think this move is:

1. To hedge their bets as to the future direction of Internet media.
2. Position themselves better to address a new form of e-commerce.

Maybe there will be two Internet media standards in the future – one for capture and one for plain listening/viewing. Sort of like like VHS and BetaMax – the question is: which format will be which?

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