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  • ShotSpotter Asks Court To Hold It In Contempt Rather Than Turn Over Information To Defense Lawyer

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 01 Aug, 2022 @ 11:55pm

    The cost of doing business

    So the cost for contempt, as would logically follow, would be an amount that is not affordable as an expense based on the value of the company, so like $40 million a day.

  • The Metaverse Could Change The World, If We Could Stop Getting In Its Way

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 19 Jul, 2022 @ 01:38pm

    Fortnite and Minecraft

    Yes, we have cooperative games which are, for now, a virtual equivalent of a community garden or pool table in the pub. Unless I'm unaware of some upscale models, VR is still not low-latency enough for those of us who get motion sick. (Though I was impressed with Star Tours in the nineties, every knock-off since has been a nausea machine, as are current VR units). And then if we ever get real-time physics simulation advanced enough then armchair engineers might be able to join the conversation with credentialed engineers to build public works and space programs. But we're a far reach from that too. I suspect virtual community centers are going to be most used by folk who want to change their outward presentation, or want to be a furry or alien. Make an environment where everyone can be pretty and can dance super well, and you may have someplace people want to visit. Though a few more highly-contagious global epidemics might speed things along.

  • Does Removing Tragic Content Diminish The Public’s Desire To Stop Tragedies?

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 23 Jun, 2022 @ 04:52pm

    Children of color incinerated by Hellfire missile.

    Not in the US, but by US hands and US authorization. I can't tell if youre actually being doltish in good faith or trying to start trouble.

  • Does Removing Tragic Content Diminish The Public’s Desire To Stop Tragedies?

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 21 Jun, 2022 @ 11:30pm

    The BLM "doing something"

    Is there a specific incident to which you are referring, in which a known BLM member or someone in BLM colors carried out violent acts? My understanding of their strategy, based on Dr. King's method is to keep protests peaceful, so as not to give viewers excuses that they had it coming. Generally it's law enforcement that's glad to bring anti-riot ordnance to BLM meetings and start the mayhem. And the point is to get it captured on camera and post it on the internet. And then it's easy to contrast how police treat BLM protestors compared to how they treat Proud Boys or Stop the Steal protestors, or Anti-mask protestors, or Anti-vax protestors.

  • Does Removing Tragic Content Diminish The Public’s Desire To Stop Tragedies?

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 18 Jun, 2022 @ 01:23am

    Surgical abortions vs. medical

    Then that is a failure on my behalf to understand the terminology. I assumed a medical abortion is one that is prescribed as necessary, rather than elective. There are no elective late term abortions in the United States, AFAIK.

  • Does Removing Tragic Content Diminish The Public’s Desire To Stop Tragedies?

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 17 Jun, 2022 @ 11:26pm

    "Medical abortions mimic natural abortions"

    First off, let me disclaim: I Am Not A Medical Professional (IANAMP), I am only a layperson who has consulted with abortion providers and doctors who have provided abortions. If you are looking for more information about abortion procedures, I am not your guy, and I'd advise you talk with an abortion provider. The standard Dilate And Evacuate procedure does not extract the pregnancy material all at once rather it does so piecemeal. The human body is really not thrilled about stretching the cervix open to accommodate an IUD insertion device -- about the diameter of a pencil -- let alone an embryo with a wider radius than that. As for natural miscarriage, they are less consistent, with some requiring labor or partial labor while others don't. Some evacuate the entire embryo at once while others eject the material in chunks. Miscarriage without intervention can take weeks and are a risk to the patient's life and heath. As such some of the abortions provided in the United States are as an alternative to miscarriage without intervention, (that is, the fetus is already established as non-viable), given the miscarriage process is expected to be a lot of suffering, and risks shock and infection. This is to say the scenarios covered by the term miscarriage are very broad, and to say medical abortions mimic natural abortions can be very misleading. In the case of the D&E procedure, it mimics a narrow subset of abortions in which the material is ejected piecemeal and not at all looking like a fetus. When comparing late-term miscarriages to late-term abortions, a D&E is invariably quicker, safer and with less suffering. In those cases, a medical abortion does not simply mimic a natural abortion. It's possible that you know of a different late-term medical abortion procedure that does yield an unspoiled intact-if-dead fetus, but no procedure I'm aware of seeks to keep the material intact, since seeking to do so would be at the cost of causing undo injury and suffering to the patient.

  • Does Removing Tragic Content Diminish The Public’s Desire To Stop Tragedies?

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 17 Jun, 2022 @ 06:17pm

    Abortion Remains

    I heard it, myself, from a doctor who provided abortions. She pointed out late-term procedures don't yield an intact fetus, and most abortions are before the embryo looks remotely like an infant. There are articles on line that discuss the gore pics used to promote anti-abortion sentiments, such as this one.

  • Does Removing Tragic Content Diminish The Public’s Desire To Stop Tragedies?

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 17 Jun, 2022 @ 01:19pm

    Gore propaganda is already abused

    My first exposure to gore propaganda was in 11th grade in 1981. A Pro-life activist came to my class for a day and passed around pictures of aborted fetuses. I was appropriately repulsed, and would later learn in college logic and critical thinking that visceral arguments such (such as medical procedures being disgusting) don't really address their propriety in society if they serve actual functions (which abortions do in developed society). Later on, I'd learn that the remains of abortions don't look even remotely human anymore, and the anti-abortion crowd has to obtain pictures of natural (uninduced) miscarriages in order to get their baby-zombie pictures. I felt lied to, and since anti-abortion activism has been consistent with the lying (about the risks of abortion, about when the unborn achieve certain stages of development, etc.) it's become a grudge thing. I don't like these people even before I have an opinion about abortion. I'm a bit bitter. But then, I thought, could we use gore propaganda to protest against war? To me, this is a higher priority than guns in the US because of the numbers. During the apex (nadir?) of the CIA Drone Strike program in Afghanistan, it was averaging about 50K civilian deaths per year. We called them militants. We called the dead kids fun sized terrorists. And really it may have helped if Americans had to see first hand the damage wrought by our elected representatives and their ongoing policies. As a note, the disposition matrix and the program in Pakistan is still active. And while we're doing dead school kids, how about dead kids that had the misfortune of being in the trajectory of law-enforcement officer-discharged bullets? I look forward to gun control efforts that slow those down. Okay, I'm a lot bitter. But as with all things in the US, I think it comes down to who has a fat enough war-chest with which to secure gorey pictures that drive a given cause, verses those who use their war-chests to chill that campaign back to silence. Since few rich people care about dead Pakistani children or dead non-white child victims of officer-involved homicide. Rich people in the US as of 2022 like to see miscarriage gore on protest signs, but not children of color incinerated by Hellfire, or shot dead by AR-15 (or police handgun). They might be useful in a meme format, since memes are pretty visceral anyway, and viral content seems to slip past regulations so long as it isn't CSAM. But I've notice the people who share gore are the ones less disturbed by it anyway. Holy fuck, I am so bitter.

  • Fuck The Police: Bail Reform Isn’t Leading To Increase In Crime, Despite Cops Saying Otherwise

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 15 Jun, 2022 @ 08:35pm

    Police abolition would reduce crime.

    ...or rather would reduce wrongdoing Officer-invoved intentional homicide (of which we probably have thousands per year) and asset forfeiture (in billions of dollars every year) come to mind at first. Also home raids by SWAT teams and killed dogs, both, by the tens of thousands per year. ...And a lot of illegal searches, forced confessions (which should count as torture) and other miscarriages of justice would also be eliminated if we simply didn't have a police force at all. With rare exception, our staet administrators don't mind so much, so all these transgressions aren't criminal by any reasonable meaning of the word. And law enforcement in the US may not even prevent other crime or effectively.detect the perpetrators post hoc. Our justice system is less interested in justice than they are in convictions and the warm bodies of the innocent fill up cells just as well as the bodies of the guilty. Most of the public is happy to pretend US every inmate and execution is justice served. The TV tells us so every night. But our police aren't there to protect and serve rather they're a garrison by an occupying force, a fascist army occupying all of the US like Nazi Germany occupied France. So long as they eagerly assault the impoverished and homeless and keep the rest of us glad to work long hours in toxic conditions rather than getting evictedand becoming fair game, the states will gladly continue to pay their salaries and ignore their brutality.

  • NSA Swears On The Body Of Ed Snowden It Will Not Backdoor New Encryption Standard

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 18 May, 2022 @ 10:28pm

    Levying war against the United States

    I'm pretty sure engaging in a coup d'etat (which Trump's phone calls to intimidate state secretaries and his 2021-01-06 bums rush on the Capitol both count absolutely counts as levying war against the United States. The only reason Trump hasn't been prosecuted is because the federal government doesn't prosecute elites if it can find a an excuse to not do so (or can just delay it forever). And Trump despite his history of confidence games and vice, is one of theirs.

  • PlayStation Boss Addresses Abortion Concerns From Staff With Jaunty Email About His Cats

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 18 May, 2022 @ 10:21pm

    Sony's anti-consumer shenanigans

    Most recently, found their PC games (one of which I got off we promise no DRM GOG) required me to allow the game to scan my computer and report back to Sony. I got a refund, but it means no robot dinosaur hunting for me. Sony doesn't seem to think end-users are persons so it's no surprise it doesn't think women are persons. Or its employees, for that matter.

  • Reality Check: Twitter Actually Was Already Doing Most Of The Things Musk Claims He Wants The Company To Do (But Better)

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 16 May, 2022 @ 11:40am

    Transnational White Power

    Um, the never-trumpers are also white-power. The US Protestant Evangelist sect (that is, the ministries) moved in that direction (and disposing of actual Jesuit teachings) since the 1960s in response to the civil rights movement. The Roman Catholics shifted away from their wars on poverty and hunger towards anti-women and anti-gay preaching to catch up (they fill the collection plates better). The Evangelist ministries sure were glad to put Catholic jurists from the Federalist Society onto the SCOTUS bench. Strange bedfellows, I guess. Maybe you're thinking of the street gangs like the Proud Boys and Three-Percenters. They're factions in the transnational white power movement, and absolutely are more visible than your typical never Trumper (who still vote [R] for Trump candidates in the general elections). But the neo-Brownshirts are far, far removed from the only ones who push for a stratified society with whites higher than non-whites (non-Christians, gays and women, white or otherwise, and poor people). And they're far removed from the ones that would go to war if secular egalitarian pluralism were to gain the upper hand in US politics.

  • Reality Check: Twitter Actually Was Already Doing Most Of The Things Musk Claims He Wants The Company To Do (But Better)

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 14 May, 2022 @ 10:05pm

    "Nobody engages in a factual discussion."

    It takes two to tango, sweetheart. So long as one side of an argument is doing so in bad faith, relying on social and rhetoric devices rather than facts and logic, your conversation is going to get nowhere. And bad faith is all we can expect by participants in the US white Evangelist fascist movement (aka the transnational white power movement, of which the MAGAs and GOP are active parts). So you'll be waiting a long time. To be fair, I don't know if any left-wing officials ever tried. I can only assume there's at least one example, a state representative, maybe, who tried opening an account on Gab or Truth Social or somewhere. Who was it? How did it go? Were they respected by the locals or were they mocked until the account was closed? If you had data on such an incident, and could show they were received with respect, you might have a case.

  • Reality Check: Twitter Actually Was Already Doing Most Of The Things Musk Claims He Wants The Company To Do (But Better)

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 14 May, 2022 @ 09:54pm

    Divisive subjects in school

    Firstly, I call bullshit. Considering the social dynamics in school kids feel bad all the time. If we eliminated a subject every time a kid committed suicide we'd have no subjects at all. Secondly, how long are shapes going to last as soon as some rich kid sucks at shapes in kindergarten, and their parents can afford a team of lawyers to stop that nonsense. Maybe the PTA has changed since I was a student in primary school, but grievances about subjects, about systemic abuse in school, about faculty who were abusive to students were all routine when I was there. It sounds like the new laws just give license to people to sue teachers and districts, not just for scary social lessons and scary history, but anytime a kid does poorly in class, and their parents want to make an example out of their community education system.

  • Reality Check: Twitter Actually Was Already Doing Most Of The Things Musk Claims He Wants The Company To Do (But Better)

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 14 May, 2022 @ 12:06pm

    Government departments on Twitter

    It's actually up to the individual government departments which social media platforms they use beyond their own websites and other public forums to make announcements. If Twitter was an exclusive source for government information then maybe there'd be a point, less that Twitter should be socialized and more that the government should have easy-access forums where important information is disseminated. Right now, Twitter happens to be a popular platform where departments echo their announcements. They also often have Facebook pages, and their own websites (both of which involve more effort than a twitter account). Now it'd be interesting if (for instance) Senator Bernie Sanders showed up on Parler or Gab advocating for Universal Healthcare with his hallmark sharp wit, the kind of behavior that would get an ordinary Joe kicked off such sites. Would they leave him to say his piece if he was a Senator? That said, it's the far reach that makes Twitter attractive. If hate speech becomes standard there, people will leave, and as celebrities and officials leave, ordinary people will follow suit, until like the right-wing Twitter clones, you have a toxic pit of reactionaries fuming at each other and having little fun.

  • Reality Check: Twitter Actually Was Already Doing Most Of The Things Musk Claims He Wants The Company To Do (But Better)

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 02 May, 2022 @ 12:11pm

    Arguing in favor of torturing gays until they give up their sinful ways Arguing in favor of continuing state policy of extrajudicially torturing Muslims because some Muslim extremists somewhere keep fighting against US interests (their humanitarian atrocities are less of an issue)...is Constitutionally protected speech even though the policy pretty much shreds the pretense of Constitutional protections for anyone. In fact, our torture program and the disposition matrix behind the still ongoing drone strike programs kinda shred the notion of Constitutional protections, since they show our courts can justify to themselves any crime against humanity can be molded into a Constitutionally-acceptable shape and color by our courts. Yes, this is an old rant. I know. But considering the actions of the US and states already which are being ruled Constitutional, we can expect a Ermächtigungsgesetz in the near future to past Constitutional muster.

  • Reality Check: Twitter Actually Was Already Doing Most Of The Things Musk Claims He Wants The Company To Do (But Better)

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 02 May, 2022 @ 11:56am

    People leaving Twitter

    I've heard at least three separate incidents of people who were self-aware that they had a twitter addiction but didn't have the will to leave, but news of the Musk buyout gave them enough of a push to walk away. As per the usual disclaimer, anecdotes are single points of data among billions, and don't qualify as evidence, but I sure like to think the exodus is not political but a moment of mass self-awareness.

  • Reality Check: Twitter Actually Was Already Doing Most Of The Things Musk Claims He Wants The Company To Do (But Better)

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 29 Apr, 2022 @ 12:35am

    This is absolutely going to date me.

    Does anyone else get strong vibes of when Zik Zak bought out Network 23? Essentially the ZZ board of directors yelled at the N23 board about giving the people what they really want! And they replied do you think we have not been doing that already? How stupid do you think we are?

  • John Oliver Explains How Cops Lie To People To Rob Them Of Their Freedom

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 20 Apr, 2022 @ 05:54pm

    friendly chats

    I assume there are no limits on the lies that law enforcement can tell in order to secure a conviction. So a police officer can go in and claim he's the suspect's public defender and then continue with the interrogation accordingly. Has this been ruled out? Have they thought of it? Has it been used to secure confessions? I'm already mad as a hatter, but the police will break me.

  • John Oliver Explains How Cops Lie To People To Rob Them Of Their Freedom

    Uriel-238 ( profile ), 20 Apr, 2022 @ 04:20pm

    "bad cops"

    The system pushes out good cops by forcing them to lie or cover up for bad cops. The whole justice system needs to be abolished, at least if you want a nation with liberty and justice for all; you might be okay with a police state where law enforcement routinely murders, robs, tortures and imprisons with impunity, but that's not what we were taught America was. We still have the most incarcerated in the world, total and per capita. 33% of inmates experience violence and sexual assault by the guards Inmates routinely die at the hand of guards without investigation or penalty. Our prisons are comparable to Russian gulags. And the private prisons are worse. It's not an overcorrection. This conversation has been going on for over a century, and nothing has been done. Baby and bathwater alike teem with maggots. There's nothing worth saving.

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