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  • Can A Wiki Force Transparency On Oppressive Regimes?

    tijir ( profile ), 15 Jan, 2007 @ 09:56am

    In 1971, when Pentagon employee Daniel Ellsberg leaked classified documents to The New York Times detailing US aggression during the Vietnam War, he had to find a way to quietly photocopy thousands of pages. Today, he could just put everything up on a wiki.

    I just had to point out if the documents are not electronic to begin with, he would still need to find a way to scan them to put the on the Wiki.

    As for the article, everyone wants to know what their government is doing. It is how we keep them somewhat honest, though using the word honest to describe anything to do with government is laughable.
    However, making a place for people to post their state secrets is kind of a slap in any government's face isn't it? Wonder if the people setting up the site used their real names? I know I wouldn't want most of the worlds governments knowing mine if I was encouraging their employees to tell me all their dirty secrets...

  • Plenty Of People Still Read Newspapers — But What Does That Mean?

    tijir ( profile ), 06 Jan, 2007 @ 12:04pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    Most newsprint is recycled...by DittoBox
    There are tree farms as well... pretty big business here in East Texas.

  • Surprise: A Console That's Available For Purchase Outsells Two That Aren't

    tijir ( profile ), 02 Jan, 2007 @ 01:13pm


    The Wii would have out sold the Xbox 360 if the units had been available but the PS3? There are units on the store shelves and they have been in stock since December 23rd here in Texas. I believe the PS3 will eventually catch the Xbox 360 IF Sony doesn't drop it or delay new features too long.

  • AT&T Says Let The Post-Merger Innovation Commence: Bring On The Bundles

    tijir ( profile ), 02 Jan, 2007 @ 01:04pm


    AT&T advertises heavily in East Texas on the radio and one of their "benefits" of having AT&T be your content provider is you can "bundle" your entertainment bill and telephone bill in one payment to save you money, you know that extra stamp you buy to mail that second bill or the time you use to go to that second website to pay online.

  • Efficient Markets Aren't About Small Business Or Big Business

    tijir ( profile ), 30 Dec, 2006 @ 10:42pm

    Re: SFGary

    SFGary said "The more insidious problems arise when Google and other large Internet enterprises could possibly manipulate their algorithms to give preference to their own products or downgrade the competition."

    SFGary I think you should check this article Google Pushing Blogger.

  • Professional Baseball Players Form Professional Video Gamers League

    tijir ( profile ), 22 Dec, 2006 @ 02:49pm

    Pro Gaming

    Pro Gaming is coming. Already there are worldwide gaming organizations and in some countries the pro gamers are more popular than regular athletes, one on one gaming challenges and league tournaments attract huge crowds of people to watch. The gaming leagues that are in the US now have a good following started, it won't be too long until Pro Gaming hits the mainstream in the US.

  • Xbox Video Download Service Succeeding By — Gasp — Being Decent

    tijir ( profile ), 22 Dec, 2006 @ 02:15pm

    Re: I was hoping it would fail

    "When you download a movie or TV show you have 14 days to start watching it and when you start you have 24hours to finish it or you have to download it again."

    The TV programs are not time limited, in fact once you buy one of the TV programs you can download it anytime you want from now on and watch it how many times you would like. This keeps you from filling your hard drive because you can watch the show and delete then re-download it, if at a later time you want to see it again.

    The movies are a time limited rental. Get your facts straight before spouting crap please.

  • If Bill Gates Thinks DRM Is So Flawed, Why Doesn't He Do Something About It?

    tijir ( profile ), 14 Dec, 2006 @ 08:47pm

    Re: Companies vs people

    @misanthropic humanist - In all the Sci-Fi and fiction I read, Corporations gaining individual rights or being treated as an individual is a bad thing ;)

    As for DRM, I still maintain if you tag a file when it is made/copied with the information of who did it, where, and when would make it easier to find pirated content. The Riaa and the Mpaa can feel like they are still needed by downloading the content of various sites and checking the tags daily, hourly, or whatever. If a tag doesn't hash out, they can go to work with the legal overkill and punish the mean ol' pirates. Of course there is problems with this system as well but at least we could use the files on the platform we want to use them on without having to buy the same content two or three times.

  • Video Games Becoming A Family Bonding Experience Now That 80s Gamers Are Growing Up

    tijir ( profile ), 07 Dec, 2006 @ 06:19pm

    Gaming is Family Fun

    Love playing with the kids, just wish the six year old would quit getting better. Pretty soon I will have no one left to win against, my older one passed my skill level a couple of years ago. All this time I thought I was keeping up, till one night the older one got mad and showed me how easy he had been taking it on dad... he is quite good.

    Games have been a family experience in my family since the 80's. Video Games have always been in my life and I hope they always are.

  • Google Trading Portal Services For Ad Inventory

    tijir ( profile ), 06 Dec, 2006 @ 11:53am

    RE: BSkyB

    Oh, sorry, 74,000 signed up for BSkyB service last October, according to the article.

  • Google Trading Portal Services For Ad Inventory

    tijir ( profile ), 06 Dec, 2006 @ 11:49am


    From what I have read, and numbers are kind of sketchy, but it looks like BSkyB has about 74,000-100,000 users signed for this service.
    More here: http://www.forbes.com/markets/feeds/afx/2006/12/06/afx3232444.html

  • It Takes More Than A Single MP3 To Embrace The DRM-Free World

    tijir ( profile ), 06 Dec, 2006 @ 09:40am

    Re: Re: Of course it's a good business model, for

    "The only people that benefit are high priced executives and stockholders who had a little money to seed for a continual return on their investment for doing more or less nothing."

    Oh, you mean the Liers.... err Lawyers.

  • More Intrusive Advertising Creeping Onto Your TiVo

    tijir ( profile ), 28 Nov, 2006 @ 11:53am

    Re: Tivo vs. Cable

    "Now I have DirecTV's new HD DVR. It is better, featurewise, the the cable companies, but still pales in comparison to my Tivo's. It has frozen and needed to be reset a half dozen times since the last software upgrade on Nov 22."

    Leave it to greedy corps to screw up a good thing. I know it is all about the mighty dollar in business-land but all this changing systems because they want more money is going to drive customers away.....

  • How The Ban On Online Gambling May Make Us Less Safe

    tijir ( profile ), 27 Oct, 2006 @ 06:25pm

    RE: by misanthropic humanist

    The USA may have it's problems but I still choose it over your country or any other country in the world.

  • Newspaper Pretends It Can Block Fair Use And Threaten Those Who Say It Can't

    tijir ( profile ), 24 Oct, 2006 @ 01:07pm

    Seen it before.

    I have seen these notices on several "hometown newspaper" sites.

  • Turns Out Bully Isn't A Public Nuisance After All…

    tijir ( profile ), 13 Oct, 2006 @ 06:35pm

    Thompson needs to retire

    Jack needs to give up and go home.

  • Judge And Jack Thompson To Play Bully — Will It Convince Them To Shoot Up A School?

    tijir ( profile ), 12 Oct, 2006 @ 09:51pm

    Let's all Hope...

    Let's all Hope this will finally shut Jack Thompson down. If the judge sees this game played and it is not what Jack said it is, it should, I hope, make Jack less likely to draw media attention or political attention with this crap. Everyone will understand what we gamers have known for a long while, Jack does not know what he is talking about.

  • Drug Websites Are Bad… Mmmmkay?

    tijir ( profile ), 29 Sep, 2006 @ 09:51pm


    "Apparently, the folks who wrote that report learned their parenting skills from HP's board."

    Pretext your kids, too funny.

    I tend to agree here though, raising your kids is not about spying on them, making sure they never do anything wrong. Teaching your kids to know right from wrong, making sure they learn from their mistakes or wrong doings, and taking reponsibility for what they do is what raising kids is about.

    My son attempted to steal something from Walmart and was caught by security. We made sure he learned a lesson from the entire ordeal. It was a trying time for all of us but we did not coddle him, get legal help to make it all go away, or deny he would do something like that.

    I would like to think he has learned his lesson and from all apperances he did. Now we just have to trust he will get it right and watch as he applies these lessons. Spying on him 24/7 would do nothing for the lesson it taught him and drive us mad.

  • How Many New And Non-Obvious Software Ideas Are There?

    tijir ( profile ), 21 Sep, 2006 @ 03:45pm

    "If we're locking up 40,000 different software concepts each year, are we actually reducing the ability to actively make use of that software to improve our productivity and grow the economy?"

    I would say not really, most of the patents are more than likely held by trolls who will not stop anyone from using their patent, in fact they will stay real quiet. Until, that is, somoene comes up with something new unkowingly built on thier patent and start making money, then they will sue for millions.

  • What A Concept: Encouraging The Community To Make Your Product Better

    tijir ( profile ), 21 Sep, 2006 @ 03:35pm

    Re: more systems need to do this

    "like microsoft for there Xbox's and sony for there PSPs. I would use my PSP at work if it did RDT or VNC or even citrix."

    Actually Microsoft is working on it, they recently released the XNA Games Studio Express in beta on August 30. When the full version comes this Christmas it will allow the community to make games for the Xbox 360 and/or Windws XP/Vista. I have a blog devoted to XNA, click my name if you are interested in more info.

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