Professional Baseball Players Form Professional Video Gamers League

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As we’ve mentioned many times before, video games seem to be quite popular with professional sports stars. Today, New York Yankee Johnny Damon and the shrewd folks from Boras Marketing announced the formation of the Professional Baseball Video Game League (PBGL). The new league actually has nothing to do with baseball specifically, but rather, consists of professional baseball players playing video games against each other as well as a few lucky common folk. The first game they’ll be playing is Project Gotham Racing for the Xbox 360. Sure, we enjoy watching these guys play baseball, but is it really going to be entertaining to watch these guys play video games? The NFL is doing something similar with Madden Nation, but in that incarnation, NFL Players sponsor individual gamers (who are actually some of the best in the nation) in playing Madden (which is actually a video game about football) and aren’t actually playing the games themselves. So, Johnny, go have your fun with this new league, but please stay away from Guitar Hero.

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Comments on “Professional Baseball Players Form Professional Video Gamers League”

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Nick says:

The only thing Damon has ever made entertaining was ripping on him and the rest of the BoSox before they won their championship (and after for their belief that not being the team with the highest payroll, but 2nd highest, made them a regular David vs. Goliath).

With the Yanks, A-Rod and Giambi are much more viable targets than Damon, what with the constant underachieving and steroid abuse respectively. Not to mention Randy Johnson being the ugliest man in baseball.

rijit (profile) says:

Pro Gaming

Pro Gaming is coming. Already there are worldwide gaming organizations and in some countries the pro gamers are more popular than regular athletes, one on one gaming challenges and league tournaments attract huge crowds of people to watch. The gaming leagues that are in the US now have a good following started, it won’t be too long until Pro Gaming hits the mainstream in the US.

Grumpy Old fart says:

To IT guy..

An interesting statistic recently revealed that the average age of the serious simmer was around 45 if not higher. Sim racing is beginning to move into the realm of sanctioned sports from what I have seen with the rFactor guys

And as for youre macho desires with your big guns…. Give us a break, junior, we dont need anymore loudmouth internet heroes

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