More Intrusive Advertising Creeping Onto Your TiVo

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For some time, advertisers and makers of DVRs, most notably TiVo, have been trying to figure out a way of delivering advertising to users. So far, not much seems to have stuck. The most promising approach happens to be the most difficult: make really entertaining ads that people will not want to skip over, or perhaps even save. The lazier approach is to cram ads wherever they fit. That’s the latest approach from TiVo, which will put an ad on the page that asks a user if they want to delete a recently-watched program. It’s not quite post-roll advertising, since the full commercial doesn’t actually run unless the user requests it to, but the pitch to watch it is there automatically. Depending on how it is done, it may not be all that annoying, but ideally, advertising shouldn’t be annoying at all, and be enjoyable content in its own right. But it seems like Tivo is definitely going down the path of least resistance, putting ads wherever it can, something that may make it some money, but at the expense of damaging the popularity of its platform.

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Comments on “More Intrusive Advertising Creeping Onto Your TiVo”

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sfox says:

Tivo vs. Cable

I have to disagree with Stu – Tivo will not die from Cable Companies DVR offering, rather it will die from being locked out from cable and satellite providers.

The DVR’s offered by cable companies (the ones I have seen) are so inferior to Tivo that they can hardly be considered competition. Satellite providers are doing the same thing – DirecTV has moved away from Tivo, with their own inferior offerings.

Tivo’s only answer? CableCard. A standard that cable companies hate, and satellite providers will never support. A standard that will cost consumers extra money every month just to use the service they pay for. It is laughable, and poorly supported by providers (only experienced with Time Warner on this).

I tried to get a cable card so that I could use the new HD Series 3 Tivo. My cable provider could never get it to work at my house, so I tried their HD DVR. It worked, but lacked even the most basic Tivo features, and was riddled with interface bugs.

I went back to DirecTV, where I have two DirecTivo’s. I have been using DirecTivo’s since they were released, and never had to reset or reboot the box, with the exception of power outages. They just worked – if it was plugged in, it worked properly. In comparison, the HD DVR from my cable company was to be reset a dozen or so times in the ONE WEEK I had it. Now I have DirecTV’s new HD DVR. It is better, featurewise, the the cable companies, but still pales in comparison to my Tivo’s. It has frozen and needed to be reset a half dozen times since the last software upgrade on Nov 22.

rijit (profile) says:

Re: Tivo vs. Cable

“Now I have DirecTV’s new HD DVR. It is better, featurewise, the the cable companies, but still pales in comparison to my Tivo’s. It has frozen and needed to be reset a half dozen times since the last software upgrade on Nov 22.”

Leave it to greedy corps to screw up a good thing. I know it is all about the mighty dollar in business-land but all this changing systems because they want more money is going to drive customers away…..

Charlie says:

Not all that bad

Most of the advertising that TiVo has and is doing just isn’t that bad. There are ads on the front screen, but it is a single menu choice at the bottom of the screen.

This latest ad doesn’t sound like a problem. If they make me watch a 30 second spot before I can click yes, then they will annoy their customers, but I think the TiVo execs realize that would be crossing the line.

TiVo works and isn’t terribly expensive (I priced building an HD myth box and it was going to be the same as a series 3 tivo and transfering my existing lifetime sub).

A few ads here and there aren’t going to change that. Most TiVo fans, myself included, want to see the company stay in business to keep providing us with the product we have become so attached to.

If TiVo goes, then we will be stuck with Myth with its media company imposed limitations (no HD cable or satelite), M$ Media Edition, or the garbage the cable companies provide.

Mo (profile) says:

Re: Do You Actually Watch the Ads?

Well the answer to that would be a definitive Yes.
Now, do you have TiVo?

Because if you don’t then you have no way of understanding whats being discussed because you see an ad as any annoyance that you can’t escape. The ads TiVo are now serving up are OPT In and they are targeted.

Every watch a show and see a commercial that you actually like? Kinda like those freaky Burger King Commercials. Thought those were creepy but I watched them because I thought they were funny. TiVo matches ads to things you are ACTUALLY interested i like autos, fashion, cookins and so-on.

These ads will be placed at the end of your recorded show and will be related to something you suggest you’d be interesed in and you won’t be foreced to watch it.

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