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  • Federal Court: No, You Fucking May Not Force Your Way Into A Home And Strip Search Six Very Young Children

    Sneeje ( profile ), 28 Aug, 2020 @ 04:48pm


    As much as I am behind radical reformation of our systems of policing and increasing social work and other alternatives, it is this example and what you've said that give me pause. All forms of governmental power are subject to abuse and they are only as good as the dedication, competence, and fundamental character of the people that staff it. So I fear we may be trading one form of abuse for another.

  • What That Harper's Letter About Cancel Culture Could Have Said

    Sneeje ( profile ), 10 Jul, 2020 @ 12:51pm

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

    I'm sorry, I just don't believe that the mob materializes out of nothing and I think the example you're giving doesn't really exist. The speech we're talking about is speech that dehumanizes others. That kind of speech is by definition asymmetric. It is a form of intolerance and will claim that any attempts to criticize it is also intolerant. So, I'm sorry, but it isn't acceptable to treat it as normal--that's how systemic racism becomes embedded over time. Because we have the 1st amendment (good!), the only defense against those kinds of views are social consequences. And this is both a good and a right outcome. And by the way, I noticed you keep avoiding trying to define what consequences are acceptable or if any consequences are acceptable. You just keep saying that cancelling is unacceptable, but won't make a distinction between the two.

  • What That Harper's Letter About Cancel Culture Could Have Said

    Sneeje ( profile ), 10 Jul, 2020 @ 12:39pm

    Re: Re: Learning and growth

    Well, I was deliberately being vague. I'm really just asserting that there are mistakes that individuals (like teachers) can make that are significant and have significant impact, but probably should be handled as a deliberate growth opportunity that is taken as seriously as the weight of the mistake. In reality it feels like there are just two options: ignore and hide, or pay the ultimate price.

  • What That Harper's Letter About Cancel Culture Could Have Said

    Sneeje ( profile ), 10 Jul, 2020 @ 11:29am


    "No, cancel culture is beyond criticism." How, exactly? Just what do you consider to be acceptable consequences for abhorrent views?

  • What That Harper's Letter About Cancel Culture Could Have Said

    Sneeje ( profile ), 10 Jul, 2020 @ 11:08am


    I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are arguing in good faith and assume you aren't deliberately misunderstanding the difference between "consequences" for your opinion and the ephemeral "cancel culture". So, I would invite you to please explain the difference. Because if you are arguing in good faith, I find it hard to believe you are arguing that there should be no real-world consequences for abhorrent views and speech. And if accept there should be consequences, then we really need to understand what you think the difference between those consequences and "cancelling" are.

  • What That Harper's Letter About Cancel Culture Could Have Said

    Sneeje ( profile ), 10 Jul, 2020 @ 11:18am

    Learning and growth

    I have often wondered myself how we, as a culture, can make more space for learning and growth. Because we can see many IRL consequences for this lack of space.

    For example, I think we'd all really, really like our elected officials, government employees, and others to take responsibility for their mistakes or failures of policy. There are a number of factors why they don't, but I truly believe that part of it is that they know there isn't really space for them to do so and to grow and learn.

    An example: a teacher says something questionable on social media about a student--like they are foolish for voting for a particular candidate. It isn't appropriate or acceptable, but it is human, and it is a correctable event. Is society better off without that person as a teacher? Maybe, but if the teacher is young/new we may not know.

    Yet, the parents of the child will demand the firing and the admin will likely not have any interest in the hard work involved in supporting and growing the teacher. Easier all around to fire them.

    Everyone is worse off in this scenario. So we should not be surprised if the standard reaction of individuals is to deny, deflect, blame, and avoid growth/learning b/c they are not rewarded for doing so.

  • OK, Landlord: If Copyright Supporters Are Going To Insist Copyright Is Property, Why Are They So Mad About Being Called Landlords?

    Sneeje ( profile ), 28 Apr, 2020 @ 12:59pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    Yes, metaphor is implicit vs explicit. But you are placing a far larger emphasis on that distinction than is warranted. Given the lack of land involved, 99.9% of people would have no problem identifying this as a metaphorical statement. It's use out of it's normal contextual use is exactly what makes it valuable as a communicative device. But you know that. Precise language matters to you in this context, because the metaphor confuses you. The rest of us find it a useful device to understand some of the common characteristics between copyright and property ownership and how holders of those rights behave.

  • OK, Landlord: If Copyright Supporters Are Going To Insist Copyright Is Property, Why Are They So Mad About Being Called Landlords?

    Sneeje ( profile ), 28 Apr, 2020 @ 11:47am


    I used to have a girlfriend like you who struggled with metaphor. She hated and always criticized them in any context because the metaphor was specifically not the thing it was being compared to or used to explain. I never pressed her on it, but I'll ask you--is it really so hard for you to understand that the thing "landlord" is being used to create an apt comparison, but not a direct equivalence? I'm trying to figure out if you're being willfully ignorant or this is truly a gestalt-level gap in ability to understand.

  • That Time EFF Got A Copyright Takedown Demand Of Its Own Artwork

    Sneeje ( profile ), 12 Sep, 2019 @ 11:30am

    Being a copyright maximalist clearly means being very careful to misunderstand basic things about reality.

  • San Mateo Dumps Red Light Camera Program After A Decade Of Continuous Failure

    Sneeje ( profile ), 29 Jul, 2019 @ 12:19pm


    There are more and more studies now, and I don't think they show that, not conclusively anyway. If you have a broad review of the studies done to show that, please share. My reading of a number of them shows that the intersection itself has a great deal of influence and that the greater number + severity can often wipe out any gains from the cameras.

  • San Mateo Dumps Red Light Camera Program After A Decade Of Continuous Failure

    Sneeje ( profile ), 29 Jul, 2019 @ 12:16pm

    Re: Bit disingenuous

    So, studies of this have been mostly negative. Some found a lower degree of medical injury, but the rest found it was a wash or higher. The intersection itself appears to be a major factor, along with the length of the yellow lights (4s or greater lowers injury across the board).

  • San Mateo Dumps Red Light Camera Program After A Decade Of Continuous Failure

    Sneeje ( profile ), 29 Jul, 2019 @ 12:13pm

    Re: Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater

    >Automated enforcement, in general, has great potential to make driving safer, especially for people of color.
    Citation please, because automated enforcement (also as documented on this blog) nearly always comes with a torpedo to due process. Guess which group is disproportionately affected when that happens?

  • Instead Of Parents Spying On Their Kids Online, Why Not Teach Them How To Be Good Digital Citizens

    Sneeje ( profile ), 23 Jul, 2019 @ 09:51am

    Re: Fixing infinity

    "What should be taught is how actions have consequences. " But, as you likely know, this is really the challenge. The consequences that have the greatest impact are real-world ones. After not very long, parental punishment becomes more about the parent-child relationship than a meaningful consequence. But real-world consequences generally can't be controlled by the parents, which is why we fear letting kids get that far. So, the question is how to let them fail in a manner that lets them really learn, but also make certain the consequences are not life-altering. It's a tradeoff that's impossible to get right consistently.

  • New Zealand Censors Declare Christchurch Shooting Footage Illegal; Start Rounding Up Violators

    Sneeje ( profile ), 26 Mar, 2019 @ 03:57am


    I genuinely can't tell if you are kidding or not. If not, this is just the biggest blind spot in people. For some reason they cannot comprehend that establishing thoughtcrime for ostensibly good outcomes is not only likely to be applied for bad outcomes, it has been proven to be over and over. Give an establishment subjective power over people and it will be abused and abused and abused.

  • FCC To Ban Charter Communications From Imposing Usage Caps If It Wants Merger Approval

    Sneeje ( profile ), 25 Apr, 2016 @ 06:01pm

    Re: Re: Uh, so?

    "I suspect a condition of sale like this could easily be shot down in court." Nope.

    I think if you do a little research you'll see that there really aren't any examples of post-merger legal actions against the government. The anti-trust laws give the government wide latitude to take these guys to the cleaners and pre-merger approvals have been well-vetted in the courts.

    Any challenges would have to be of a fundamentally obvious constitutional nature (like if they FCC said ... as long as those Jews don't charge usage caps), they won't dare take it to court. Because if they do, the anti-trust hammer comes down hard.

  • CIA And NSA Directors Blame The Media For Terrorists Using Encryption

    Sneeje ( profile ), 29 Feb, 2016 @ 12:08pm

    Oh, I forgot...

    There's no media other than that within the US. Once we get US media to stop talking about encryption, problem solved.

  • Hillary Clinton Doubles Down Her Attack On Silicon Valley: Wants A 'Solution' For Encryption & Clampdown On Free Speech

    Sneeje ( profile ), 07 Dec, 2015 @ 09:00am

    Re: A lie by any other name...

    What really bothers me is that one of the logical outcomes of this is that tech companies will demand to be released from liability for any future breaches. And the government will acquiesce, because that is how they will convince them.

    So, not only will consumers be left holding the bag, they'll be completely on their own.

    Nothing could possibly be a bigger threat to future online commerce than that.

  • DOJ Pretty Sure The Problem With The Criminal Justice System Is Everyone Else

    Sneeje ( profile ), 04 Dec, 2015 @ 09:32am

    Let's be clear about "ought"

    "It isn’t a question of whether federal prosecutors are good people; it’s whether these people, trusted with enormous power, are exercising that power in the way they ought."

    I wish he had worded it differently. I think what he means is exercising that power in a manner that places emphasis on both the rights of the accused and the public good. And does not place emphasis on the good of the DoJ or him or herself.

  • Slate Informs Its Readers That Confusing, Unnecessary, Anti-Competitive Broadband Usage Caps Are Simply Wonderful

    Sneeje ( profile ), 23 Oct, 2015 @ 08:44am

    Love to see the citations...

    I would be overjoyed to see ANY example of comparable industries where some big event happened and they lowered prices. You certainly couldn't use "deregulation" of [insert industry here], as to my knowledge and despite promises to the contrary, no significant price drops have ever occurred.

  • Konami Gets YouTube To Take Down Video It Doesn't Like; Streisand Effect Ensures Neverending Discussion Of Video

    Sneeje ( profile ), 12 May, 2015 @ 04:50am

    This is what really bugs me...

    "YouTube will err on the side of rights holders"

    No one knows if they hold any rights yet, especially not YouTube!

    This should read like, "err on the side of random people with money and influence"

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