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  • Jan 09, 2014 @ 05:12pm

    New Game

    I've started playing a new game...

    Step 1: Open random post with comments on Techdirt.
    Step 2: Find the ootb comment, revealing all hidden comments if need be.
    Step 3: Record distance from First that ootb comment appears, including all comments hidden by moderation programming.
    Step 4: Repeat.

    The point is to see how far you can get before 5 posts have been opened.
    Yes, using a SQL Injection Vulnerability can be considered hacking. However, here's the bigger issue, and it's not with how this kid spends his time. 5, 10, even 15 years from now, I'd much rather have this kid finding vulnerabilities on websites and reporting them than hearing about how he shanked his roommate for a pack of cigs. I'd much rather live in a world where excellence at computing is celebrated, rather than the world that ootb seems to look forward to. If you want security, fix your damn holes...don't cover them up. Open holes in one site ruin the rest.

    Also, Streisand Effect applies to security vulnerabilities too.

  • Aug 13, 2013 @ 01:29pm


    And people call me crazy...

    I honestly expected to click on the comments link and see OOTB as the first poster, because any attempt to bludgeon Mike into submission is a good place to find him.

    That being said, I think Bennett takes the cake for oddball. and by cake I mean laughing gas. and by laughing gas I mean anything else that has no bearing on society...

  • Aug 12, 2013 @ 12:21pm


    Many online blocker's will flag this as proxy avoidance, which it is in the usage you're describing. I know my Websense box at work notices translation pages and flags the ones that match offending URL's in it's blacklist file as blocked.

    A better way to get around online blocking is to police the enforcers by making sure they are aware, and follow up on, the notices of incorrect blocking.

  • Jul 12, 2013 @ 07:04pm


    The issue at hand is that by closing down the account and not supplying another email address, or by destroying the email's, he can be considered in violation of destruction of evidence, as the claims of due process go both ways. Pietz can claim that steele is violating his due process rights by destroying email's and not providing lines of communication. Court rules state that you have to provide a reliable method of communication for court-issued documents, and failing to do so can find you in contempt or other legal quagmires...

  • Jun 18, 2013 @ 04:35pm

    Re: AC and rdd.me

    Oh, you're real tough there...posting as a guest on pastebin? and you're calling mike a coward?

    get your yellow-bellied ass off the net, you're making our other AC's look bad...

  • Jun 17, 2013 @ 11:45am

    Re: Re: Re:

    Another case of idiotic and nonsensical comparisons...how the hell is murder similar to copyright infringement?

  • Jun 14, 2013 @ 09:57am

    Re: Matthew Cline's Post

    Basically, ASCAP and the publisher had decided that a list of X songs were no longer going to be offered for Pandora to use. When asked what those songs were, so that Pandora could remove them and prevent people form listening to non-licensed tracks, ASCAP and the publisher refused to share that info.

    This would have meant that Pandora would be liable as the distributor for non-licensed, copyrighted material, and liable for the "up to $150,000.00" fine per infringing copy.

  • Mar 11, 2013 @ 08:33am

    Re: Wrong premises: it's NOT "The Post Office".

    Would you keep in one vein of thought? either be totally full of crap, or actually logical?

    thanks for the rare insightful post...

  • Mar 08, 2013 @ 12:03pm

    and there it is again

    Anyone know a good demon to shut someone up? I'm ready to sacrifice that puppy now:


  • Mar 08, 2013 @ 10:11am


    Awesome article on a problem in the making...At work, and since I deal in risk and threats, I can see how this would be a dangerous precedent.

    On a side note, I think this is the first time I've read a post by OotB and not wanted to sacrifice a puppy to a demon to get him to shut up...

  • Jan 10, 2013 @ 11:35am

    Re: Re: The sad thing is...

    I can't determine if Walmart or Police Academy are better than medical experiments for the lot of them...

    No, no, I've made up my mind...it's medical experiments for the lot of ya...

  • Jan 08, 2013 @ 11:49pm

    Re: Re: "Too Far" - they always say that.

    There are ton's of examples of speech I would love to censor...Will I? Not on your life.

  • Dec 04, 2012 @ 10:19am

    Re: Re:

    Not true. Look at the payment card industry...the influx of new and innovative ways of paying for things was possible because of regulation. Uber wouldn't exist if the current regulations on taxi's were never implemented...Regulation is neither good nor evil...it can be used for good, or evil, but is not inherently evil.

  • Dec 04, 2012 @ 10:15am

    This article, and more specifically the Pizzaright principle made me think of this:

    Appleright - The idea that if Apple does it, it's different than what anyone else has done because reason...

    Look at their latest patent on wireless charging...They're claiming that because they do it over a distance, rather than close contact, it's patentable...Wireless charging is Wireless charging, no matter the difference...Good job on fixing the range issue for power feeds, but not really a new and different method of charging...

  • Nov 29, 2012 @ 06:37am

    AC's being AC's

    I don't know if you AC's who are ranting about Mike not answering questions have noticed or not, but Techdirt has grown...Mike is no longer the only one writing posts.

    You seem to have an infatuation with asking him questions that are loaded in your favor, then harping on him when he doesn't answer them. Personally, if I was writing a blog about issues in society, and someone came on my comments and tried to get me into a corner, I'd avoid them too.

    Mike is writing these articles because they speak to him, not necessarily so that he can speak to you...He doesn't have the time to go into every article he writes, browse the comments, and find your individual questions. Except that's what you want him to do, so he's failing you by being too busy to handle your inane bullshit...

  • Oct 23, 2012 @ 11:24am

    Repeat, but a good repeat

    Steve Hughes did a sketch on this a few years ago. If you look him up on youtube, he says almost the exact same thing, that you have no right not to be offended...

  • Apr 23, 2012 @ 05:13pm

    Its the same old "confusion"

    There was a report on slashdot today that I was reading that talked about an ACLU inquest into the pricing structures that law enforcement agencies get from wireless carriers. Basically, the carriers are making money by releasing customer usage records, call logs, emails, texts, pictures, yadda yadda yadda, and they don't want this to stop. Quite a few law enforcement agencies are doing this carte blanche. I can't find the slashdot article at this time, but here is one from msnbc's tech group:


    Once again, money trumps responsibility...

  • Mar 06, 2012 @ 07:19am

    LulzSec Down?

    Saw an article on slashdot today about how Sabu had been working with the feds for years, and lulzsec has taking a big blow in terms of arrests...

    I won't believe it till I hear some details, beyond the FBI posturing...

  • Dec 16, 2011 @ 08:12am

    Small Town Business

    I don't know how many of you live in a small town, or have lived in a small town, but brick and mortar stores are the lifeblood of a small town. They provide more benefits than just a place to shop, they provide community and a return of spending to the area. As an example, I'll use a small town near my hometown, Malone, NY. Look it up. About 20 or so years ago, it was a booming town, filled with life and brick and mortar stores. Now, with the advent of Walmart and other such stores, the downtown area is dead. Almost no open stores besides the larger stores that sell goods like a general store...everything else has shut down because people have gone to Walmart. How does that help an area that is dependent upon small business to stay afloat? When you buy local, you are contributing to local economies in more ways than just purchasing a good. You are supporting local schools, libraries, and other retail businesses, and places like restaurants and such. I have no problem with people making money, but not all of us can afford to live in a city and have access to good paying jobs.

    That being said, and now that its out of my system, I do have a problem with business banning this practice/app. We have a wonderful bookstore the next town over that is thriving because it has managed to change its practices to fit the current era. They hold a story-time for kids, where children come in and listen to a store employee read them a story from a large picture book. They support local authors and do book signings, readings, and have branched out into art supplies and other specialty goods...They have connected with their customers and reaped the benefits. Their customers might have found a better deal on amazon for their book, but they know they will get superior customer service from this local shop.

  • Oct 26, 2011 @ 01:45pm

    To quote Star Wars

    The original quote is:

    "So this is how democracy dies: With thunderous applause..."

    Today, it is now:

    So this is how the internet dies...

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