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  • More Misplaced Hatred For The Used Games Market

    c.meyer ( profile ), 25 Aug, 2011 @ 11:44am

    Other industries

    This seems to be a recurring theme within the tech industry...does anyone know if this was ever an issue, or if it is an issue, in other industries like the music (i.e. the resale of purchased musical instruments) or the furniture (resale of purchased furniture, either from a big box store, mom/pop outfit, or national chain/brand) or any other industry that isn't necessarily tech?

  • Court Says College Can Snoop On Students' Email

    c.meyer ( profile ), 15 Aug, 2011 @ 06:35am

    colleges and email

    I worked for my college's info systems tech desk...the school had the students pay a technology fee, which covered their use of the entire network, as well as basic troubleshooting. part of that technology fee was the email system. Students were not mandated to pay the fee, but without it, they would miss out on the vast majority of teacher-sent emails and college sponsored emails.

    most colleges that I know of will not send emails out to a private address unless required to do so by law or some other special circumstance.

  • The Story Of Patent Reform: How Lobbyists & Congress Works… And How The Public & Innovation Get Screwed

    c.meyer ( profile ), 04 Aug, 2011 @ 02:20pm

    New Idea

    Anyone want to join the SRUPBRTWR? The Society to Replace Unethical Politicians by Replacing Them With Robots? Robots couldn't do a worse job than the idiots in the capitol are...With the obvious exception of people like Bernie Sanders and others that Mike has praised, I can't find any reason that robots would be worse for American than those currently in power...

  • Woman Charged With 'Obstructing Governmental Administration' For Filming Police From Her Front Yard

    c.meyer ( profile ), 23 Jun, 2011 @ 10:50am

    Consent laws

    I just posted this on facebook for a friend linking this video. The prosecutors are clearly stupid in this case, as the woman was allowed to do what she was doing by a consent law. In NYS, there is a 1-party consent law, that is to say that only one party involved in a situation needs to consent for recording of any kind to be allowed. Some states have 2-party consent laws, where it is sometimes expanded to include x-size-party, but basically in that version, both included parties have to agree for recording to be legal.

    I might have this out of order, or incorrect information, but this is how it was explained by the judge at the court system where I interned...

  • FBI Hijacks Botnet, With Court Order… Then Issues Kill Signal To Millions Of Computers

    c.meyer ( profile ), 14 Apr, 2011 @ 01:46pm

    probably already posted but my time online is short today:

    I'm sure it has been mentioned already, but who is to say that one of the computers that was sent the kill command is not part of some system critical piece of machinery, say a control computer for a nuclear reactor, or a computer that checks to see if the engines on a nuclear missile are non-operating? I'm half sure that the FBI thought of this, but we have definitely seen other cases of the govt doing things that have consequences beyond what they thing is "possible."

  • National Youth Rights Association Looking For Examples Of Political Speech Via Video Games

    c.meyer ( profile ), 16 Aug, 2010 @ 07:39am

    Art is hard to define, but beautiful in practice

    Many recent games are stunning in terms of the things they represent. Little Big Planet is unique in the free flow of challenges requiring the player to build his, or her, own solution regardless of outside influences.

    Art is by its very nature transient to a specific population, and cannot really be defined clearly, since it is truly in the eye of the beholder.