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Posted on Techdirt - 29 October 2011 @ 12:00pm

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Welcome to my little soiree, hosted graciously by The Mazburglar, who I’m sure copied the keys to this place using some illegal number his friends at Big Search found for him. Unfortunately, the hors d’oevres are harder to copy, so you’ll have to be content with cake and other such lies.

I'll start off with introductions. I'm The Chosen Reject. If you google my nom de plume, you’ll find that I am not alone in being a Nirvana fan. To pay for my own bread and circuses, I develop software. Since introductions are done, let’s skip ahead to the entertainment in this repastless fete.

I'm a believer in the free market, and using government regulation only where necessary to obtain that free market (such as laws against fraud, false advertising, antitrust, etc). An important aspect of keeping markets free are low barriers to entry. Which is exactly what the government doesn't do when it grants monopolies, whether those are for electrical service, internet service, or the so called intellectual property laws.

But I don't see the free market as the end unto itself, but mostly a means to better the public good. That is why I'll allow encroachments onto the free market if those encroachments actually do the public any good, which is what I believe the free market does. But if those encroachments don't do the public any good, then they need to be eliminated and shunned. Now you might know why I feel the way I do about IP. I'll allow for it, if it helps the public good, but it ought to be done away with if it doesn't help.

With that being said, let's look at all the reasons from just this week why copyright laws ought to be abandoned for sake of the public good:

Patents also took some time this week to show that they also can be abused. So let's take a moment to see why patents ought to be abandoned for sake of the public good:

Not to be outdone, monopolists have even taken the consumer protection laws known as Trademark law, and turned it around, not just to hurt the public, but even to hurt the very customers businesses strive for. Let's take a look.

Finally, let's not sit around thinking that government granted monopolists are the only idiots in this world looking to make life worse for the public. Heavens no. The biggest, meanest monopolists of all are sure to want to get their share of the fun. And of course, we're talking about governments.

So there you have it. My list. But I don't want to be the sole life of our little party, so comment away down below.

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