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12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: May 28th - June 3rd (7)
19:39 City Of Minneapolis Kicks A Bunch Of Pretextual Stops To The Curb In Settlement With State's Department Of Human Rights (6)
15:54 Turns Out Social Media Is Driving Less And Less Traffic To Media Orgs (16)
13:43 Riot To Cancel Summer Esports Season Over 'League Of Legends' Players' Strike (5)
12:10 Reporting Mandates Likely The Reason Behind The FBI's Sudden Drop-Off In Section 702 Abuses (4)
10:47 AI Will Never Fit Into A Licensing Regime (17)
10:44 Daily Deal: Nix Mini 2 Color Sensor (0)
09:26 Twitter Briefly Pretended To Take A Stand Against Hate, But Then Elon Admitted It Was All A Mistake (Or A Marketing Campaign?) (240)
05:27 Telecom Lobbyists Have Had The FCC Under Their Boot Heel For 7 Straight Years And Nobody Much Seems To Care (10)
20:03 Activision Appeals CMA Ruling On Its Activision Acquisition, Calling It 'Irrational' (19)
15:31 'Right To Repair' Reform Passes CA State Senate, 38-0 (11)
13:34 UK Government Official Offers Up Nonsensical Defense Of Criminalizing End-To-End Encryption (19)
12:15 Governor Newsom Desperately Begs NetChoice To Drop Its Lawsuit Over Unconstitutional AADC Bill (19)
10:52 Texas Age Verification Bill Would Plaster Health Warnings On Porn Sites (30)
10:47 Daily Deal: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (0)
09:23 Meta Warns That It Will Remove News From Facebook & Instagram In California, Rather Than Pay Buffy Wicks’ Bribes (37)
05:24 Only 8% Of Netflix Password Moochers Plan To Pay For Their Own Subscription (17)
20:05 Jack Daniel's Loses Opposition To 'Jack And Victor' Whisky In UKIPO Smackdown (13)
15:31 Community-Owned Broadband Network Again Tops List Of Most Popular ISPs (9)
13:33 OnlyFans Throws The Open Internet Under The Bus (39)
12:05 Section 230 Protects Public Records Portal, Says Judge While Tossing Bogus ID Theft Lawsuit (15)
10:44 How 236,471 Words Of Amici Briefing Gave Us The 565 Word Gonzalez Decision (15)
10:39 Daily Deal: Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with Angle Gauge (5)
09:24 California Legislature Bribes Big Media Journalists With Big Tech Money To Support Link Tax Bill (19)
05:24 Biden's NTIA Says EU Telecoms' 'Big Tech Tax' A Blisteringly Dumb Idea (10)
20:10 Maryland Cops Can't Seem To Understand Why Marijuana Legalization Means They Can't Search Cars Just Because They Smell Marijuana (30)
15:39 Google Nixes 'Downloader' App From Store After DMCA Says Its Browser Can Get To Piracy Sites (11)
13:33 Now That Snail Mail Has Pretty Much Been Rendered Obsolete, Congress Is Finally Getting Serious About Terminating Postal Surveillance (1)
12:04 A Deeper Look At The Surgeon General’s Report On Kids & Social Media: It’s Not What You Heard (32)
10:46 The FBI's Constant Abuse Of Section 702 Surveillance May Finally Take This Tool Away From The NSA (2)
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