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12:02 Wherein The Copia Institute Tells The Supreme Court The Florida Social Media Law Is An Unconstitutional Mess That Needs Its Review (1)
10:42 Ohio Cops Decide First Amendment Doesn't Exist, Arrest Newspaper Editor For Committing Journalism (22)
10:37 Daily Deal: OMNIA Q5 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station (0)
09:25 Musk Does Have Some Good Ideas: Encrypting DMs Would Be Huge, But... (20)
05:25 U.S Cable TV Companies Quietly Bled Another 785,000 Paying Customers Last Quarter (17)
19:42 Appeals Court Denies Immunity To Officers Who Fabricated Evidence To Wrongfully Convict A Man For Murder (22)
15:41 The Czech Republic's Proposed Version Of Upload Filters Has A Bad Idea That Could Become A Great One (4)
13:34 Over 90 Organizations Tell Congress Not To Support Dangerous 'Kids Online Safety' Bill (15)
12:06 NY Times Aptly Illustrates How The AT&T Time Warner Merger Was An Even Bigger Mess Than You Probably Realized (4)
10:44 San Francisco Lawmakers Think It Might Be OK For Cops To Deploy Robots To Kill People (21)
10:39 Daily Deal: Cyber Monday Deals Roundup (0)
09:16 Contrary To Popular Opinion, Most Teens Get Real Value Out Of Social Media (8)
05:19 Mercedes Puts Faster Acceleration Behind A Subscription Paywall (46)
12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (18)
12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: November 20th - 26th (1)
19:39 DOJ Follows Up Springfield (MA) PD Consent Decree With An Investigation Of The Worcester PD (10)
15:32 As Largest Archive Of K-Pop Live Streams Goes Offline, What Happens To All That Culture? (115)
13:31 Techdirt Podcast Episode 337: Will Elon Kill Twitter? (4)
12:05 Tons Of Big Advertisers Are Bailing On Twitter As Hate Runs Rampant (36)
10:47 Elon Admits His Content Moderation Council Was Always A Sham To Keep Advertisers On The Site (37)
10:42 Daily Deal: Plus Plan (0)
09:34 EARN IT Act Will Make The Internet Worse For Everyone By Undermining Privacy And Security (11)
06:18 Yet Another Report Suggests Apple's Well-Hyped New Privacy Standards Are Performative (2)
19:55 Ohio City's Failure To Control Cops Results In Jury Awarding $4.4 Million To Family Of Man Killed By Officer (6)
15:38 AI Art Is Eating The World, And We Need To Discuss Its Wonders And Dangers (70)
13:37 NYC's New 5G LinkNYC Towers Don't Actually Fix The Digital Divide. And They're Ugly As Hell. (6)
12:02 The Global Trend That Could Kill The Internet: Sender Party Network Pays (13)
10:46 Advertiser Explains Why They Paused Their Giant Ad Spend On Twitter After Two Weeks (23)
10:41 Daily Deal: EZ Tagg (0)
09:29 Meta Moderators Handed Out Access To Facebook Accounts In Exchange For Bribes (6)
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