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15:25 That Time The Former White House Photographer Was Threatened By A Copyright Troll Over His Own Public Domain Photo (16)
12:20 Musk's Pledge To Bring Starlink To Iran Didn't Actually Do Anything. That Didn't Stop The Hype Machine. (18)
10:49 Is California's Kids Code Screwing Up The Efforts For A Federal Privacy Law? (3)
10:46 Daily Deal: HP ProBook X360 11-G1-EE (Refurbished) (0)
09:32 Roskomnadzor Has Become Putin's Personal Powerful Surveillance Network (4)
06:25 The Great TikTok Moral Panic Continues As White House Fends Off Calls For A Ban. For Now. (17)
20:36 Belly Buttons And Napolean Poses: Google Play Flags Android Game For Inappropriate Content (20)
14:32 Rep. Ken Buck's Irrational Spite Of Tech Companies May Have Screwed Up Another Antitrust Bill (20)
12:30 Indian Legislators Want The Government To Be Able To Intercept Encrypted Messages (7)
10:55 Kentucky Court Tells Anonymous Covington Students They Can't Sue For Defamation If They're Anonymous (7)
10:50 Daily Deal: Acer TravelMate (Refurbished) (0)
09:34 US Treasury Department Moves To Protect Internet Access For Iranian Citizens (4)
06:32 Google Tries To Fend Off Telecom Backed 'Big Tech Tax' In EU (25)
20:02 1,000 Deaths In Custody Went Unreported Last Year Because US Justice System Doesn't Care About The People It Jails (11)
15:34 Best Selling Organic Chemistry Textbook Goes Open Access After Professor Regains The Copyright (21)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 331: Kiwi Farms, Cloudflare, And Infrastructure Content Moderation (6)
12:07 Elon Musk Remains Exactly Correct About Patents: They're For The Weak (26)
10:44 Citizens, Sheriff Force County Judge To Withdraw Unconstitutional Order Forbidding Filming In Front Of The Courthouse (4)
10:39 Daily Deal: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Refurbished) (0)
09:31 There Are Real Threats To Free Speech Everywhere. Cancel Culture Is Far Down The List (306)
06:28 Meta Sued For Tap Dancing Around Apple's New App Privacy Rules (1)
19:40 Appeals Court Bizarrely Redacts Qualified Immunity Decision To Hide How Compliant The Plaintiff Was (12)
15:37 The FCC Finally Starts Taking Space Junk Seriously (21)
13:45 San Francisco Legislators Approve Bill Giving Cops Live, On Demand Access To Private Security Cameras (42)
12:06 Subreddit Discriminates Against Anyone Who Doesn't Call Texas Governor Greg Abbott 'A Little Piss Baby' To Highlight Absurdity Of Content Moderation Law (50)
10:44 Germany's Government Continues To Lock People Up For Being Extremely Online (18)
10:39 Daily Deal: Samsung Galaxy Tab (Refurbished) (0)
09:31 Conservatives Loved Expanding The 1st Amendment To Corporations... Until Last Year. Wonder Why? (53)
05:37 VPN Providers Remove Servers From India In Wake Of New Data Collection Laws (3)
12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (2)
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