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19:39 YouTube's New Content Policies Around Mature Content Results In Chaos (27)
16:55 AI Lawyer Has A Sad: Bans People From Testing Its Lawyering After Being Mocked (26)
13:39 Surveillance Tech Firm Sued By Meta For Using Thousands Of Bogus Accounts To Scrape Data (7)
11:59 Biden Administration Declares War On The Internet, Clears Path For Offensive Hacking Efforts By Federal Agencies (74)
10:48 New Dumb Attack Against Gigi Sohn Tries To Shame Her For Being On The EFF's Board (32)
10:43 Daily Deal: The Complete 2023 CompTIA Course Super Bundle (0)
09:29 The Latest Antitrust Case Against Google Is, By Far, The Most Serious (47)
05:27 HBO Max Jacks Up Prices After Cheapskate Executives Trash Popular Shows, Refuse To Pay Artist Residuals (25)
15:24 Facebook And Instagram Agree To Restore Trump's Accounts (48)
13:25 DirecTV Kicks Right Wing Newsmax Off Its Cable Lineup, Prompting More Baseless GOP Whining About 'Censorship' (59)
12:11 Free Speech Absolutist Elon Musk Pulls Down Documentary About India PM Modi (25)
10:40 TSA Takes To Twitter To Celebrate Apprehension of Zero Terrorists, One Completely Legal Item (15)
10:37 Daily Deal: Dream by WOMBO AI Art Tool (3)
09:34 Hey Elon: Where Are The Twitter Files On Kevin McCarthy Pressuring Twitter To Reinstate MTG? (277)
05:27 Josh Hawley Wants In On The TikTok Moral Panic Attention, Proposes Nationwide Ban (28)
20:01 Square Enix Gets Twitch Strike For Streaming 'Forspoken' During Embargo, Thanks To Time Zones (18)
15:31 If The AI Lawyer You Built Can't Keep You Out Of Jail, Maybe It's Time To Hire A Real Lawyer (21)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 342: Margaret Sullivan On The Future Of Media (1)
12:12 Seattle School District Files Laughably Stupid Lawsuit Against Basically Every Social Media Company For... 'Being A Public Nuisance' (29)
10:44 Guy Who Boasted Of Hanging Out With The 'First Guy To Storm The Capital' Loses Libel Suit Against Person Who Pointed This Out (20)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Complete 2023 Tech Training Bundle (0)
09:28 Utah Promises That It's Going To Sue Social Media For Being Bad For Kids (24)
05:38 Biden FCC, Like Trump FCC, Spends A Disproportionate Amount Of Time Hyperventilating About China (11)
20:15 Rockstar Releases Same Buggy, Broken 'GTA Trilogy' Game To Steam... But On Sale! (21)
15:29 The World's First Robot Lawyer Isn't A Lawyer, And I'm Not Sure It's Even A Robot (33)
13:35 Federal Court Says Scraping Court Records Is Most Likely Protected By The First Amendment (9)
12:16 How The Friedman Doctrine Leads To The Enshittification Of All Things (20)
10:46 Federal Court: Service Providers Can't Be Sued Over User-Generated Content, No Matter How Creatively The Allegations Are Framed (21)
10:41 Daily Deal: Super Vectorizer Pro For Mac (0)
09:24 Amazon's Dying Smile Donation Program... Was Really All About Amazon Keeping Referral Fees To Google Down (17)
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