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12:09 Now Mesa Public Schools Are Also Declaring That They Have Failed In Educating Their Children By Suing Social Media (19)
10:45 Current Classified Document Scandals Show The Government Is Still Classifying Way Too Many Documents (22)
10:42 Daily Deal: Voicetapp Speech to Text Transcription (5)
09:24 AMC's 'Fix' For Declining Movie Theater Attendance? Charging You More Money To Sit In The Same Seats (30)
05:27 Pretty Much Every Expert Agrees That Elon Has Made Twitter's Child Sexual Abuse Problem Worse (143)
20:07 NYPD Narcotics Detective Facing 26 Criminal Charges Walks After Prosecutors Withhold Evidence (14)
15:38 Dwarf Fortress: How Freeware Turned Into Millions (35)
13:31 Court Gives Its Blessing To FBI's J6 Geofence Warrant, Denies Motion To Suppress (26)
12:24 Elon Promises A Free API For 'Good Bot Content,' Again, Demonstrating He Has No Idea How Any Of This Works (63)
10:46 Netflix's Unnecessary Password Crackdown Is Already A Hot Mess (40)
10:41 Daily Deal: Deepstash Bite-Sized Knowledge (0)
09:26 A Couple Of Fifth Circuit Appeals Court Judges Look Like They Believe Performing Journalism Is A Criminal Act (9)
05:26 It's Time To Codify The 'NY Times v. Sullivan' Standard Into Law (51)
12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (6)
12:05 This Week In Techdirt History: January 29th - February 4th (2)
19:39 No Immunity For Cops Who Shot Man Multiple Times, Then Searched His House For Evidence Of 'Assaulting An Officer' (130)
15:27 Belarus Follows Russia's Lead & Creates Unfriendly Countries List For Legalized Piracy (14)
13:34 Google Tells Court That GOP Should Look At Its Own Email Practices Rather Than Blaming Gmail (29)
12:07 Colorado Supreme Court To Hear Challenge Of Reverse Keyword Warrant Served To Google (2)
10:23 Elon Musk Is Running Scared From Mastodon; Cuts Off The Best Tool For Finding Your Twitter Followers There (121)
10:20 Daily Deal: The Complete Video Production Super Bundle (0)
09:33 Utah Lawmakers Rushing Through Bills To Destroy The Internet... 'For The Children' (34)
06:19 Charter's $7 Billion Penalty For Murdering An Elderly Customer Reduced To $262 Million (25)
19:55 Why The Failure By Funders To Require Academics To Retain Copyright In Their Papers Is The Biggest Obstacle To Open Access Today (22)
15:41 OpenAI Wants To Help You Figure Out If Text Was Written By OpenAI; But What Happens When It's Wrong? (15)
13:23 It Took Months For Anker To Finally Admit Its Eufy Cameras Weren't Really Secure (8)
11:58 Elon's New API Pricing Plan Seems Perfectly Designed... To Help Send More Users And Developers To Mastodon (47)
10:45 Moving Company That Threatened People With $1,000 A Day Fees For Negative Reviews To Pay $125,000 Settlement (14)
10:40 Daily Deal: The Complete Excel, VBA, and Data Science Training Bundle (0)
09:28 Trump Files Ridiculous Copyright Lawsuit Over Bob Woodward's Audio Book (32)
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