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15:02 New Assange Indictment Makes Insane, Unprecedented Use Of Espionage Act On Things Journalists Do All The Time (59)
13:36 Nielsen Using Patent Monopolies To Act Like A Monopolist (13)
11:57 Streaming Services Far Exceed Traditional Cable in Customer Satisfaction (6)
10:44 Techdirt Sues ICE After It Insists It Has No Records Of The 1 Million Domains It Claims To Have Seized (73)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Complete Photoshop Master Class Bundle 2019 (1)
09:38 Forget 'Breaking Up' Internet Companies, Senator Josh Hawley Says They Should All Die Because They're Too Popular (35)
06:43 Ajit Pai May Have Lied To Congress About FCC's Failure To Address Wireless Location Data Scandals (17)
03:43 SFPD Earning Universal Condemnation For Raiding A Journalist's Home During Its Internal Leak Investigation (27)


19:36 Gaming Platform War Update: Epic Games Store Suspends Accounts... For Buying Too Many Games (46)
14:48 As San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition Tech By Local Cops, New York City's Legislators Stall On Transparency Reforms (5)
12:50 DOJ Staffers Think T-Mobile's Merger Benefit Claims Are Nonsense (18)
10:35 Laying Out All The Evidence: Shiva Ayyadurai Did Not Invent Email (120)
10:30 Daily Deal: The 2019 Complete CompTIA Cybersecurity Bundle (0)
09:37 EFF Highlights Stories Of Bad Content Moderation With New TOSsed Out Site (42)
06:36 Unsurprisingly, Ajit Pai's FCC Thinks The T-Mobile Sprint Merger Will Be Wonderful (28)
03:39 Court Rejects FBI's Argument That Discussing NSLs With Lifted Gag Orders Would Threaten National Security (14)


19:44 Government Generously Hands Back Two-Thirds Of The $626,000 It Stole From Two Men Driving Through Missouri (44)
15:47 US Magistrate Judge Provides The Template To End Copyright Trolling With Ruling Against Strike 3 (20)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 212: Breaking Facebook, With Mike Godwin And David Kaye (3)
11:58 You Don't Own What You've Bought: Google Nest Edition (36)
10:48 Prince Harry Uses GDPR To Obtain Payout From Photographer Who Shot Photos Of His Rental Home (51)
10:42 Daily Deal: The Cloud Computing Architect Certification Bundle (0)
09:39 Huge New Study Finds Almost No Evidence That Social Media Makes Kids Unhappy (25)
06:26 Google Joins The Evidence-Optional Assault On Huawei (26)
03:26 Kazakhstan Cops Protect Citizens' Free Speech Rights By Arresting A Protester Holding A Blank Sign (36)


19:30 EU Blocks 'Brexit Beer' Trademark, First As 'Offensive', Then As Non-Distinctive (26)
15:38 ICE Tops Its Old Record, Spends Another $820,000 On Cellphone-Cracking Tools (10)
13:29 Another Federal Magistrate Says Compelled Production Of Passwords/Biometrics Violates The Fifth Amendment (11)
11:50 Getting Worse Part 2: Intuit's CEO Informs Employees That Free To File Was Hidden For The Public's Own Good (30)
10:38 Getting Worse Part 1: Intuit Routinely Lies To Customers To Avoid Paying Refunds For Tax Prep Work (19)
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