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06:28 DirecTV Finally Dumps OAN, Limiting The Conspiracy And Propaganda Channel's Reach (47)


22:25 Pennsylvania Says Legal Medical Marijuana Means Cops Can't Just Sniff Their Way Into Warrantless Searches (13)
15:31 Court Says That Travel Company Can't Tell Others How Much Southwest Flights Cost (26)
13:34 Court To Cops Who Caught Pokemon Rather Than Robbery Suspects: That's A (Justified) Firin' (29)
12:00 How The SOPA Blackout Happened (0)
10:47 India's Supreme Court Opens Investigation Into Targeting Of Indian Citizens' Phones By NSO Malware (4)
10:42 Daily Deal: LastPass Premium or Family Plans (0)
09:30 Remembering The Fight Against SOPA 10 Years Later... And What It Means For Today (13)
06:38 Why U.S. Robocall Hell Seemingly Never Ends (67)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (39)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: January 9th - 15th (1)


19:39 US Court To Gruyere Cheese People: No, You Can't Ban People From Calling Their Cheese Gruyere If They Aren't Your Neighbors (86)
15:37 Appeals Court Says It's Entirely Possible For Cops To Pinpoint Marijuana Odors In Moving Cars (29)
13:39 There's Still Plenty Of Time To Join The Public Domain Game Jam! (1)
12:12 Small Nebraska Town Pays $16,000 To Resident It Attempted To Sue Into Silence (18)
10:50 [UPDATE] Elizabeth Warren Is NOT Cosponsoring A Bill To Repeal 230 (74)
10:45 Daily Deal: The 2022 Ultimate Cisco Certification Training Bundle (1)
09:32 Criss Angel Sends Ridiculous Legal Threat After Comedian Creates Parody Menu Of His Restaurant (18)
04:53 New 'TLDR' Bill Requires Companies Provide Synopsis Of Overlong, Predatory Terms Of Service (28)


20:06 Monster Energy Buys A Brewery; Trademark Lawsuits Are Almost Sure To Follow (26)
16:34 The Future Of Sports Can Be Changed By NFTs, Virtual Reality, And DAOs (37)
14:06 Josh Hawley Was The Democrats' Partner In Trying To Regulate Big Tech; Then The Public Realized He Was A Fascist (38)
12:43 New Washington Law Requires Home Sellers Disclose Lack Of Broadband Access (32)
11:18 Pennsylvania Court Reverses Student's Expulsion Over A Snapchat Post, Reminds School Students Still Have Rights (26)
11:13 Daily Deal: Circuit Scribe: DIY Circuit Kits (0)
09:52 Senator Blumenthal Blames TikTok... Due To A Popular And Widely Championed Science Experiment Gone Wrong (38)
08:53 America's Struggling Satellite TV Companies Once Again Propose A Terrible MegaMerger (8)


19:43 The World Handled A 'Wordle' Ripoff Just Fine Without Any IP Action (103)
15:33 Content Moderation Case Study: Facebook Knew About Deceptive Advertising Practices By A Group That Was Later Banned For Operating A Troll Farm (2018-2020) (2)
13:43 New Illinois Law Says Cops Need A Warrant To Grab Data From (Some) Third Parties (2)
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