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03:26 Kazakhstan Cops Protect Citizens' Free Speech Rights By Arresting A Protester Holding A Blank Sign (32)


19:30 EU Blocks 'Brexit Beer' Trademark, First As 'Offensive', Then As Non-Distinctive (26)
15:38 ICE Tops Its Old Record, Spends Another $820,000 On Cellphone-Cracking Tools (10)
13:29 Another Federal Magistrate Says Compelled Production Of Passwords/Biometrics Violates The Fifth Amendment (11)
11:50 Getting Worse Part 2: Intuit's CEO Informs Employees That Free To File Was Hidden For The Public's Own Good (30)
10:38 Getting Worse Part 1: Intuit Routinely Lies To Customers To Avoid Paying Refunds For Tax Prep Work (19)
10:33 Daily Deal: Standard Plan (0)
09:32 Flip Side To 'Stopping' Terrorist Content Online: Facebook Is Deleting Evidence Of War Crimes (29)
06:23 Forget Huawei, The Internet Of Things Is The Real Security Threat (28)
03:25 Big Pharma Companies Accused Of Conspiring To Inflate Prices Of Over 100 Generic Drugs By Up To 1000% (51)


13:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (15)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: May 12th - 18th (9)


19:39 Foxconn Still Trying To Tap Dance Around Its Ever-Shrinking Wisconsin Promises (13)
15:31 Independent Forensic Investigation Undermines Houston Cops' Narrative About Fatal Drug Raid (50)
13:38 San Francisco Is The First City In The World To Restrict Government Use Of Facial Recognition Technology. Hopefully It's Not The Last. (16)
12:29 Canadian Committee Publishes Ludicrous Fantasy Pretending To Be Copyright Reform Analysis (30)
10:35 Our Legal Dispute With Shiva Ayyadurai Is Now Over (284)
10:30 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle (0)
09:30 And Now The Prime Minister Of Canada Is Threatening To Fine Social Media Companies Over 'Fake News' (56)
06:15 Federal Court Says Warrants Are Needed To Grab GPS Data From Third-Party Tracking Services (16)
03:08 After Five-Year Legal Battle, Top Judges Rule That The UK's Spying Activities Can Be Challenged In Ordinary Courts (13)


19:15 Disney Wins 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Copyright Suit As Court Declares You Cannot Copyright Pirate Life (63)
15:44 The Subtle Economics Of Private World Of Warcraft Servers: Anarchy, Order And Who Gets The Loot (8)
13:41 City Of San Francisco Bans Use Of Facial Recognition Tech By Government Agencies (32)
12:27 Judge Alsup Slams Patent Troll For Basically Everything (58)
10:44 Governments And Internet Companies Agree On Questionable Voluntary Pact On Extremist Content Online (23)
10:38 Daily Deal: True Wireless Fitness Bluetooth Headphones (2)
09:35 White House Sets Up Echo Chamber For Complaints About Social Media Bias Against Conservatives (227)
06:23 Consensus Quietly Builds That 5G Was Overhyped, Rushed To Market (22)
03:22 FBI Tells The Governor Of Florida About Election Hacking, But Says He Can't Tell Anyone Else (24)
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