Found Him: This Has To Be THE Dumbest Criminal

from the sharing-is-caring dept

In our ongoing coverage of the crossroads of technology and stupid criminals, we've seen quite a bit of dumb, ranging from really stupid to the kind of stupid that is so painful one wonders how faith in humanity persists. I now submit to you that we've found the purist expression of stupidity in a criminal known to man.

Meet Anthony Lescowitch, 35, and apparent testimony personified to our failing educational system. Anthony was wanted by police in Freeland (heh), PA, where police helpfully engaged their community by submitting a wanted photo of our criminal and a public BOLO (be on the lookout) on their Facebook page. After all, you never know what helpful citizen will assist law enforcement by sharing that status update with their friends, widening the net for a criminal on the run. Hell, sometimes it's that very criminal who so assists LEOs, as Anthony proved by sharing the status on Facebook.

Lescowitch shared the wanted bulletin minutes after Freeland police posted it on the department Facebook page Monday night, authorities said. He was being sought on assault-related charges.
It takes a lot of cajones for a criminal to share a post seeking his own incarceration and you would think anyone willing to do so would possess a keen criminal mega-mind to rely on so as not to get caught. Anthony does not possess a keen criminal mega-mind. In fact, given his subsequent actions, one wonders whether he possesses basic mental faculties at all.
An officer pretending to be an attractive woman then messaged Lescowitch, according to police. Lescowitch refused the offer of a drink but eventually agreed to meet for a cigarette, and was arrested at the agreed-upon location. After the arrest, police posted this message: "CAPTURED!!!!!! SHARES OUR STATUS ON FACEBOOK ABOUT HIMSELF, CAPTURED 45 MINUTES LATER."
If it took cajones to share the post, it takes some massive combination of hubris and years spent living under power lines to then meet up with a suddenly appearing attractive woman for a smoke. That his capture was then announced via the department's Facebook account only completes the circle of fun. I only wish Anthony had the capability to share the news of his own arrest from prison.

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